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8 May 07 02:45:57 am
Brand new poster here! Just purchased my membership to Salehoo a few short days ago. I have been reading all over these forums for days now soaking in as much useful information that I can. I am ready to start selling a few personal things on ebay just to get my wheels rolling, but I am not quite ready to get into importing and wholesale. I still have a lot more research to do.

Question: Since I am ready to start selling something of my own on ebay and the only form of currency I will be taking is Paypal, is it 100% needed to have money of my own in my Paypal account or can I pretty much rely on my first customer paying me through Paypal to get my initial balance?

I am hoping after getting my feet wet I will be comfortable enough (not so much mastered), with ebay that I can look at wholesale and imports as my part time job. Please give me some feedback! :P

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8 May 07 08:45:00 am
Hi, unless buying I never leave anything in my PayPal account except a few pounds to pay my Ebay sellers fees.

You don't need to have any money in your PayPal account, hopefully you'll sell bucket loads and the money will come in.

Once my balance is over

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9 May 07 02:00:17 am
Yep always get tracking numbers or delivery conformation when shipping.
If a buyer says they did not receive an item and you can't prove they did, Paypal will take your money, no questions asked.

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