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Starting my own store - what are the pros and cons?

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24 Dec 09 12:18:22 am
OK, so I've had some success recently with a new strategy. I can't tell you the item I'm selling but I have found I can buy it in bulk off eBay many times at wholesale and turn around and throw individual units up in my eCrater store and turn a profit.

I also use Link hidden: Login to view when buying the product of eBay to help reduce my bottom cost.

Since starting this, I did great in September and had huge sales but then in October it was the opposite and I struggled. I kept with it and things improved through November and still looking good in December. I don't know, hope its not a product of the holidays and my success ends.

Here is what I'm thinking though, I'm thinking of trying to start my own store with my own domain name and everything. Does anyone think it's worth it? Is it that hard? Will I convert better sales? Anyone have a suggestion other then eCrater to sell on?


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24 Dec 09 03:17:34 am
Hi the$rich$tree,

Sounds like you found a treasure there! Congratulations!

The ups and downs are just part of the cycle, so whether it be a seasonal product or an all time seller there will be times that sales will not always be as good the other day or the next.

Starting your own store is quite a big move but if you are doing well and business is growing and in your case IT is growing :) it might be the right move. I would not say that is hard or easy either but best be prepared for everything. Try doing a little extra reading on the side.

Other good sites are Bonanzle, eBid or maybe you could try flea markets - these are just as good as the online market place.

All the best! Keep us posted on your track to more success!

Merry Christmas :D


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24 Dec 09 04:51:10 am
good job on your success, most people never realize ebay can be a great supplier. keep it up and thanx for the bigcrumbs link, dont think i had heard of that i'll have to check it out

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24 Dec 09 02:54:43 pm
Thanks, I've definitely been approaching this entire make money online thing through so many different avenues. I really need to pick one and maybe focus but when I research I always find new ideas to try. Like, I first started just selling on eBay but it was hard for me to break into the market. I just wasn't selling much.

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24 Dec 09 05:03:54 pm
sounds like your doing pretty good to me, i'm finally branching out to other sites myself. i wouldnt necessarily pick just one idea and focus on it, i'd keep doing whatever you mentioned that was working and try a couple new ideas. keep doing what works and eventually it could lead up to a nice little income.

its good to think outside the box. i've come up with an idea that i don't think anyone is doing online. the products i will be selling wont be any different from whats out there. but the whole business model is entirely different that i think people will prefer to purchase through me and might allow me to get great products cheaper than all the big time power sellers w/ their huge buying power.

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30 Dec 09 05:47:35 am
Try looking to this site for answers fellow seller. Link hidden: Login to view.
they have excellent, mainstream, consumer products, hot products that are being offered at amazing prices. I am going to be investing about 1000$ in stock for 10 - 16 Wii consoles, all product returns. This site is amazing if you want small quantity for getting great products.

They have Xbox 360, PS3s, PsPs, furniture, housewares items, sports items, fitness equipment, TVS, Computers, and more.

But, some auctions may be missing an item accessory or two, or have missing parts. The majority are fine though.

Good luck.... amazing if you want to start a micro Liquidation company on ebay or Amazon.

Take care!

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30 Dec 09 06:05:26 am
I personally wouldn't think of liquidation.com as my best source of product - especially with the customer return electronic goods mentioned, unless of course you are an expert in refurbishing or repairing these types of products. Many if not most of these customer return items will have parts missing or have some malfunction so in my view would be likely to give you more problems than they are worth if you just expect to receive them and flip them straight onto eBay.

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3 Jan 10 11:59:30 pm
Congratulations on your recent success, the$rich$tree - there's sure to be more where that came from!

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