Starting online business in New Zealand

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13 Apr 07 09:17:38 am
Hello everyone.
I'm a new member. I like to create a webside and sell some goods (still looking for ideas) there which I plan to sell through dropshipping. There are a few question I have. Especially members rom New Zealand might be able to help because I'm living there.
1) Do I need to register a businessname to start an online-Business?
2) How is it with paying tax?
Any other infos are welcome, too. Or maybe some pages to read something about it. Thanks

A question to everyone:
Do I need to register a businessname to start using wholesale or dropshipper :?:

I like to say thank you for evry help I get.

Good luck everyone


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13 Apr 07 08:48:30 pm
I am from the USA but will give you my persepective on the subject. Most people like to do business with a real company rather than an individual. In some cases money talks and a company will sell an individual the products they desire. When there is a lack of dunds than a good company name with the right documentation can help. Also customers will research your name or the company name at times. They want to make sure that you are legal and safe. Hope this helps

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14 Apr 07 06:14:01 am

I am from New Zealand and I have been selling on Trademe for a while now. I would reccommend starting there.
A website can be difficult to set up and then you have to direct web traffic to your site. Ask yourself how often you buy things from websites outside trademe and ebay and the big names?

Might be a good idea to start with trademe then move onto a website.



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