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26 Dec 06 10:19:16 pm
i've just joined salehoo,i'm anxious to get started selling on e-bay what is the fast way to learn to navigate e-bay and start selling goods. thank you

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27 Dec 06 04:46:41 am
I would look through the salehoo forums. lots of info on here about buying and selling on ebay. Also ebay has a lot of good information about ebay in general. A great number of sellers post information here and there about ebay. Also try your local bookstore or amazon. Lost of good books about ebay and online auctions. Also several good books on money management and e commerce. Just a few ideas. Knowledge is power in my opinion. Read a bunch and get an overall idea on which way to go. My opinion is research a wide variety of ideas and information. Than you should have your own answer. I know not the answer you wanted to hear but the best advice that I can provide.

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27 Dec 06 05:47:28 am
If you have any specific questions about ebay contact me in a private message. Im very experienced with many issues relating to ebay.

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14 Jan 07 06:06:38 am
The best way to start on Ebay is to buy a few items. Try to get compfortable with the whole process. Set up a Paypal account (this is very necassary for the whole Ebay process)It is truley the safest wayto go online! .Look for some items around your house to sell just to get your feet wet. It takes a little time to understand the whole thing but well worth it whenyou really hit your stride. There is money to be made on Ebay but it take a little time and practice!

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15 Jan 07 02:57:31 am
I have found the EBay workshops given periododically has helped me quite abit. They have all of the previous workshops archived and be found by clicking on the sitemap, look under news then workshop calendar link. They have many subjects there not just about EBay but for Businesses in general.

I also took an EBay university class at my local College which was very informative. Again look at the sitemap under Help - Resources - eBay University. They also have online versions and CD versions available.


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