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5 May 09 11:15:56 pm
Hey there, I'm just a little guy that's been interested in learning how to start up an internet business. I've fallen for a few schemes in the past with affiliate trees that wound up costing me more than it was worth. I can say that the one time fee here helped me decide to join up. I've been reading through some of the posts on here and have come to the conclusion that dropshipping isn't the best way to make googles of money, but I want to start off small before I jump to anything big.

As such I have little to no capital to spend to create my business. I also don't have any warehousing and such to supplement myself by buying in bulk. That's why dropshipping appeals to me more. My intent is to go to video games (PC + Xbox 360, more if I get the hang of it). I'm an avid game player and know several sites and ways to get games.

Some of the posts here say that Ebay isn't the best place to start selling because everyone there wants a deal for thier dollar. I'm looking for some guidance on how to start up my business, along with any other suggestions on making a profit. I know I'm not going to start out making $400 a day, but I do want to start out somewhere. Any help would be nice :).

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5 May 09 11:35:00 pm
Two initial comments for you;

You've picked a really tight market to try and crack, and while it is your passion you may find it really hard to compete without any volume purchasing, even then it can be tight in that market.

As for buyers on ebay wanting the best deal, someone needs to show me a site where consumers don't want the best deal!

There is two major reasons that drive online purchasing, convenience and price!

If you are going to sell online, those are the two biggest hurdles you need to over come wherever you list, not to be successful, but just to survive!

Mark (fudjj)

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6 May 09 12:12:48 am
Fudjj is correct. You will hear that anywhere you go. Since you like games you need to check in the sub categories of that which you like. That is where you might make your money. Narrow your niche in order to make money and last longer or just look for something else to sell. Hope that helps.

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6 May 09 12:36:45 am
Thanks for your input, I'll try researching some more things before I decided anything major.

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