Sticky situation of authenticity ~ please advise!

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18 Oct 06 06:43:22 pm
I am really interested in selling designer jeans, specifically True Religion. I did research and finally ordered from a company called Icecanadainc (supposedly located in Toronto). I believed the jeans to be authentic, although the company did not guarantee it. The jeans arrived in a box from HONG KONG, and at that time I pretty much knew they were fakes. The jeans are okay, but the stitching is poor, mainly the horseshoe stitching on the back pockets. Also, some seams weren't completely sewn. I sent pictures to the seller, and he said all sales are final (which I knew). He said they'd never had quality issues before, and he was going to forward my pictures to his supplier. I haven't heard since. In the meantime, I've advertised these jeans to the best of my ability and have shown my own photos (not stock). However, I HAVE NOT advertised these as 100% authentic. I just had one situation where someone purchased them and paid and then asked about authenticity. I was very honest, and she wanted a refund, which I promptly gave her. My question is, what else can I do to protect myself and still sell these jeans?? I am afraid of a negative feedback rating if someone buys these jeans and realizes they are not authentic (again, I am NOT advertising them as such). I don't want to be stuck with $1000 worth of jeans! I am not offering refunds once the jeans have been sent. I'm not a 'Store' and just don't want to deal with that. Please advise me on the best way to advertise these jeans and still remain absolutely honest about them. I am afraid that if I advertise these as knock-offs I won't be able to sell them at all.
Thanks!! :cry:

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20 Oct 06 08:04:24 am

Yes it is an awful situation to be in, that is why as a new person to importing i am very weary of buying from people incase i get dodgy items! But we have to take the risks. You were unlucky to get the fake jeans, but seeing as it sounds like you are stuck with them you need to come up with the best way of reselling them without losing money, or to atleast recover your costs. I am not sure what you paid for each pair of jeans, but for me ( i am not an expert this is just my opinion), I would still sell them on ebay or wherever you are selling them but put a positive spin on commenting in the description...'why would you pay big money for the authentics when you can get the look a likes for a fraction of the cost' (i am not good with wording so you can make up what you want). Just make it noted that they aren't the real deal but are almost identical, and word it so people will think, 'yeah, why pay for the real ones when i can get ones that look the same for cheaper'. Im sure there are lots of people out there that can't afford the authentic brands so would be willing to pay for the look alikes. Sorry if this is no help but i thought i would give my opinion!
All the best for solving the situation! :)

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27 Oct 06 01:16:59 am
Hi I just read your post and I also happen to be in the search for a reputable importer/wholesaler of designer jeans. I have spent no less than 16 hours in the last 3 days sitting and thoroughly checking out these companies.
I am an Ebay Powerseller with a total of over 1600 100% positive feedback and By NO WAY want to ruin my reputation for a pair of jeans!

I found a website called Link hidden: Login to view where I was able to gain very valuable info on nearly all the major popular designer jeans. There are pictures to aid you in spotting all the fakes.
I immediately 'weeded' out most of the websites that I was looking at even though they sounded great. Also , if the website doesn't say WE Only sell authentic goods right on the 'about us' or 'info about the company' page, move on to the next beacuse you are wasting your time!

I even emailed a few and asked them if they would be able to send me the paperwork to show that they were authentic. I got a few replies telling me that they sold 'real ' items however they don't have the peperwork!!! THIS IS ANOTHER BIG RED FLAG.

Just think realistically. ...If they don't have any paperwork at all, then these ARE MOST LIKELY FAKES whether they admit it or not. They usually want to sell you a lot of 50 at least of their jeans beacuse they know you won't be back! I compared pictures I found of fakes and sure enough these jumped off the page at me as the ones I had been looking at possibly purchasing. I want a written guarantee from whoever I deal with that ther are real. I ahven't worked at my Ebay store for 1 1/2 years to have it all 'go to pot' or have to refund customers and be out money. I want to be able to guarantee the authenticity with a customer's money back guaratee so they know they are legit.

Anyway, I am on my 20th (or more) hour still scouring all the whoesale sites and tryijng to weed-out all the knock-offs which are MANY/ and MOST for certain brands of designer jeans. I have learned that some brands are nearly impossible to find wholesale and are a RED FLAG already if you do find them -be careful!

I agree with the other reply you got. Sell them as (excellent replicas) in the description area, although Ebay can & will likely pull them if the VERO (Verified rights owners program) finds your listings. Just list a few at a time and make sure that you make it clear they are NOT AUTHENTIC.
I would just try to cover my EBay lsiting costs and the money I paid for the jeans and get rid of them at a great sale price just to be rid of them. I realize you are also an honest seller trying to do the right thing.

Good luck. I am still hun ting for the correct legitimate wholesaler! (for designer jeans) ITS VERY HARD!!!. My website is Link hidden: Login to view

Sincerely, Melissa

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27 Oct 06 03:45:40 am
Just a quick note. Even if you do not say your jeans are Authentic, you cannot say in your listing that they are knock off or Replica. It is the surest way to get your auction yanked by Ebay. A few of those and they suspend your account. Not fun to deal with.


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