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30 Jan 12 01:42:19 am
Some more questions from me.

How do I inform the costumers of my shop, that the items are shipped from another country? Because, I have understand that we should not mention that we don´t ever actual see the products? Ore is this okay? Here in Norway most things are shipped from here, but many do whant to buy over seas because its cheaper, but when a store imports is more safe - because the Norwegian store must deal with any problem and not them. Dropshipping is not so common here, just because that people don´t know.

So to deal with this, I should?
Inform them that the shipping may take different time, depending on the (supplier) ? From ex. USA.
If problem with the product the buyer must ship this to the supplier and get refund (that it the supplier have agreed that with me). Ore send it back to me, thats the best way for the buyers I think. But.... then they must pay shipping back to me and to the USA?? Aaaand if they get a new item, they must pay the shipping again ? Ore will the suplier take care of that, because the item was broken. aiaiai - how shell I resolve this? I hope it dosent gets to mange problems, therefore I may pay one shipment my self, but this hole drop shipping idea was not to pay but to earn..

I have understand that i´m not supposed to tell that the items come from a different country? Because then they want to buy there them self. But as I am looking not all dropshipper go out with prices on the online stores. My living partner has a firm, so the store is going on. And hey, if people want to buy directly they can, I have not lied to anyone, have I?

I need some help with the terms and policy and stuff like that. Does someone have some examples? We in norway must add 25% vat on every item we sell + 25% on the shipping in to norway. One last question. How shell I add the 25% to the total order? Shell I add 25% on every item but the costumers cant see it, and then add 25% (for the shipping) at the end of the order? But hei... i dont even know what the original shipping cost is, but I guess the droppshiper may help me with that. I´m planing to have low prices - the plan is ok/low profit, but because the low prices more people will buy. So I have to sell more. But with a totally new shop the low prices are good, I hope. Ore maybe take the price a little bit opp on every item, and marketing my shop with free shipping? That will mean I "hide" every vat inside the item price, and at the end just mention that everything is included 25% vat.

I getting so close and i´m excited to get starting!

Am so sorry for my bad English!

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31 Jan 12 03:55:49 am
Hi LadyNinja,

It is best that you inform your customers where your products will be shipped from. You can add a note to your product listings indicating the country of origin. This way your customers will know what to expect like longer shipping time and any possible customs fees or taxes.

How drop shipping returns are handled depends on the drop shipper's policy. Many drop shippers will accept and process returns, replacing a faulty item with a new one, or issuing you with a refund if necessary (which you then pass onto the customer). The drop shipper's policy will also inform you whether you should direct your customer to send the item to you for forwarding, or straight back to the drop shipper. Make sure you check their returns policy on the drop shippers website before you start selling items, so you are clear what action to take. You can learn more about drop shipping in our free education area:

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Stating your dropshippers location will not necessarily mean your customers will buy directly from your dropshipper, since you will only mention the country of origin and not your dropshippers name or contact details.

With regards to your stores terms and policies you might find this helpful - Link hidden: Login to view

Also, if you search online you'll find a handful of samples you can use as a reference for your store,like this one - Link hidden: Login to view

As to how you will add you VAT will really depend on your preference. You can add it on top of the product price as the customer orders the product or include it in the price itself, just be sure that you customers are well aware of the 25% VAT.

Free shipping is a really good way of attracting customers, everybody loves a freebie so when you say you offer free shipping then you might get a lot of people to your webstore. Just be sure that you do not over or under charge for shipping.

Hope this helps, good luck! Let us know when your site is up and running :)


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