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25 May 11 05:47:54 am
I am in a unique position where my purchases are exempt from taxes. I live in Canada, and our HST is 15%. I am trying to figure out how to incorporate this margin into my sales and what products are ideal.

I feel taxes aren't in the forefront of many people's minds when they purchase online (Neither is duty or import tax for that matter) and what I want to do is find a good marketing strategy for ebay so I can promote the lower cost on my end by passing it on to the customer. Unfortunately, due to the fluctuating tax for each province I cannot automatically include the tax on the list price. Not only that, but I'd be skipped over due to my outward appearance for being more expensive.

I am looking for good advice on how to take this advantage of mine and put it to work.

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1 Jun 11 10:54:41 pm
Hi metro99,

Sorry I'm a bit confused with your post, you mentioned you're in a position where your purchases are exempt from taxes but towards the end of your post you said you're worried about appearing more expensive.

The later seems to contradict the former unless I'm missing something in between.

Would love to help in anyway I can but I need to comprehend a bit more of what you're trying to say, kindly clarify :)


By the way, Welcome to SaleHoo!


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