The lunacy of eBay....

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21 Jan 08 12:10:55 pm
I've had a member of Salehoo contact me, because she had a product and ebay gave her a 1 day listing ban for NO REASON! This is ridiculous.....

She was selling an item and she had an awkwards buyer, now here is where the fun starts....the buyer wants the item at $19.99 + shipping, pays then claims the item was damaged in transit, the seller asks for a picture to show damamge so thay can take it up with the shipping company and the buyer refuses! So she refuses to refund $9.99 - buyer leaves Negative feedback!

Now the seller lists the same item 2 weeks later and now she is banned from selling for 1 day. The item is not a copy its genuine and does not violate any listing policy. The reason ebay gives, is that the item is miscategorized!

Now the seller knows its the buyer, because hes the only 1 with an issue.

Other people have contacted here regarding other products she was selling, but when she goes to reply, she gets an error message stating the form isnt available.

eBay customer care, tell her everything will be OK, and after 24 hours the listing isnt lifted, its actually 36 hours - ebay workers must have 1 hell of a work day....

Ebays GONE MAD! :twisted: :twisted:

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25 Jan 08 03:57:39 pm
eBay is in my opinion is a for profet business. They do what they want when they want to whom they want and make the rules as they go. If you are not a pro seller or higher you are not worth there time. They make tons of money off the big time sellers and are just making room on the boards for them. But in my opinion again it can be a great place to make a buck if you play by there rules and dont make too many waves in the pond. Like they say dont bite the hand that feeds you. :0)

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25 Jan 08 10:16:44 pm
Normally, what I do is if the buyer seems untrustworthy. I ask them nice and professionally to ship the item back and I will refund the cost of the item plus the initial shipping and the shipping back to me is at their cost if the item is not damaged.

At least this makes them have to do something instead of just getting the item for free. And it makes them have to cough-up some coin until the refund.

Yea they might break the item themselves, but it wasnt a freebie and they had to work to get their money back.

This will also put you in a favorable light with eBay as you are a 'responsible' seller.

Make sure to save all messages to your email account for evidence.

Then respond to their neg. with ' I am very sorry for the broken item please return for a full refund'

Then go to their feedback and leave a neg. But just say. I always refund for shipping damage To fast to neg.!!

Then place them on your nonbidders list.

Thats it finished done.

Now go on and make some money.


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