This is How you can get scammed PLS READ so you can avoid

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24 Jul 07 07:03:06 am
They Buy the item off Ebay or ask you for you paypal Email so they can give you your money, Then you will get a email just like this below saying enter track info to do this click on this link and Bam you are done.

This is one of many scammers have sent me (my email has been removed)

Actual email below and it is fake as ever!!

Dear xxxxxxxxx,

This message is originated from PayPal company.We have receive an order from our client 'Grace Michael' regarding the payment made to your PayPal account.

The payment has been successfully made but due to security reason we have to receive the shipment tracking number before the next 24hour for the processing of your order.

This a new measure we are taking to protect both our sellers and buyers against fraudulent customers.
Once you have shipped the item send us the shipment tracking number for verification after the number has verify your account will be credited instantly.

This PayPal® payment has been deducted from the buyer's account and has been 'APPROVED' but will not be credited to your account until the shipment reference/tracking number is sent to us for shipment verification so as to secure both the buyer and the seller. Below are the necessary information requested before your account will be credited. Send tracking number to us or email us through this mail: .com

Once shipment has been verified and the tracking number sent to us,You will receive a
'CONFIRMATION EMAIL' from PayPal® informing you that the Money has been credited.

Note: eBay and PayPal will be responsible for the item loss or damage once we receive the tracking number

Thank you for using PayPal!
The PayPal Team

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Copyright © 1999-2007 PayPal. All rights reserved.
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24 Jul 07 12:36:21 pm
I actually got one of these through craigslist believe it or not. But one of the things I was told many eons ago was always look at the URL that is sent with it and that will give it away. I contacted paypal when i got the message and they informed me they NEVER send for payment depending on delivery confirmation bc they are not shipping verifiers. Which made sense to me enough to delete the guys e-mails. He than proceeded to rattle off e-mail after e-mail saying he was going to file a complaint. I replied I was reporting him to FBI for attemtping to run a scam. The e-mails stopped. LOL!!! :lol:

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25 Jul 07 12:31:53 am
Yes Scammers constantly target new and inexperienced sellers and buyers with fake paypal and ebay messages.

You should never click on any links from an un-verifyed email message. Always go the the paypal site by typing the url into your browser and check in your transaction history. If it's legit it will be in there.

Do the same thing for ebay messages. Just go to your 'my ebay' page and look within you 'items sold' or 'items won' list. Too, if its legit the message will be in you 'my messages' folder. If it's not in there, then it a fake.

Clicking on any link in a email from an unknown sender can have dire effects. Most of the time they are trying to give you a 'key-board' virus. Once they do that they can 'see' or capture anything that you type on your keyboard, this will easily give them all of you logins and passwords, etc...

Anytime that you click on a link that you think might be a 'phishing email', you should immediately go and change all of your passwords.
Also you should report the email to both paypal and ebay, they both have links in their security centers to do this...

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26 Jul 07 08:53:49 pm
Its a great scam. You send them the product and never get paid lol. Ive seen this in about 7 different styles. Its alarming how many people actually fall for this kind of trick.

These companies would never send you such emails. Its best to aviod them and dont even respond to them.

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27 Jul 07 01:38:16 am
One of the best ways to fight spammers is to use to send abuse reports to the hosting companies involved.

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29 Jul 07 02:13:40 pm
I hope more users can share such experiences. It goes a long way in weeding out fraudsters.

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29 Jul 07 07:18:30 pm
it happened to me i lost over 500 pounds i was told my money had been frozen by paypale and that i needed to send them the tracking number and they asked for copies of my i.d wich i faxed what i have just read has realy helpded me

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30 Jul 07 03:10:58 am
As a fairly new ebay seller, I have already been exposed to this attempted scam. In my case, the messages came from a registered user. The buyer offered to pay 1750 USD for a notebook computer if I would cancel the auction, accept a bank draft, and ship it at 'their' cost to Africa. Once I reported it to ebay, they sent me a message that the buyers account had been compromised and the auction was being cancelled at their(ebays) request.

When I relisted this item three days later, I again got an offer to go off ebay, this time for 1350, same scenario, with payment through paypal. I again reported it. You would think these guys would learn, but apparently not.



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