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To start an Ebay store or not Ebay fees killing me!!

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26 Apr 10 11:50:31 am
Hi as a bronze powerseller and selling resonable volume of electronic products and Ebay and Paypal fees taking massive chunks out of my profits would it be more cost effective for me to open a Ebay store?
Also as an Aussie seller as most of my sales are to Australia even though i offer worldwide would i save more by only offering to my own country in fees
Also looking at Alternative selling sites most seem to be US based so what is a better ie cheaper alternative site for an Assie to look at?

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26 Apr 10 10:13:31 pm
For my money, the decision whether to have a store or not really depends on the volume of products and the listing strategy you want to employ.

This is a general link that will give you plenty of information on eBay's store options: Link hidden: Login to view

If you're looking for alternative sites to sell to an Australian market then you are limited really. Oztion and Trading Post are the two biggest local ones out side of eBay, but are still no where close in terms of traffic volume.

If you're finding good traffic and generating solid sales figurers through eBay, I would be suggesting taking a look at developing your own site and using eBay to generate traffic flow.

Never easy establishing your own site, but if you've made bronze on eBay, then it sounds to me like the potential is there.

Mark (fudjj)

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27 Apr 10 10:37:01 am
Hi thanks i dont mean just restrict myself to Australian sites but also out of the recommended alternative sites are any of these good for me to sell on
being that i am not US based.
Which brings me to another point a couple of weeks ago i unknowingly logged into Ebay US through my login and started a listing there only realized
i was on the wrong site when postage came up with US postal options but what really stood out was that at the end my listing fee was $1.00 US. then when i went back and logged back into Ebay Aus and redid the listing the fee
was $4.00 AU probably around $3-50 US that to me is a large difference.
Question is can i create listings on Ebay US from Australia? If so that would save some bucks.
Also on your advise of deleloping my own site that i would love to ultimutally do but i dont know how to go about doing that

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