Too many sellers of the same item.

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5 Feb 09 08:44:24 am
I have been researching more and more and have found that every item i want to sell, there are already 50+ listings with the same item. Is every product you guys try to sell already have 50+ competitors?

Thanks for the help!

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5 Feb 09 12:19:26 pm
Hell if I really know, because I haven't sold on eBay really in a long time to boot.

I barely ever go there anymore except to find stock, or sell off a niche item I know will be gone soon.

I just sell directly through my store anymore, tons of products using Amazon and etc.

Occasionally I would do a Bonanzle also. In fact I just sold some more off ioffer. So in other words, the other places have really got the traffic now.

eBay with its outrageous listing fees, possibly pissed off a very large community of former happy sellers. It seems they are dying a slow death.

What products you are talking about, can't turn much of a profit on eBay anymore since everyone is selling that same thing. On top of selling the same thing, the listing fees are taking 20% from every official sale. Then you'll find it's almost always at wholesale on top of everything.

Finally, given the profit margins are higher on merchant accounts such as Godaddy marketplace & Amazon; you are eventually going to find it's a waste of time to bother with eBay. You ought to go with someone else where the profit margins are there, and investigate the alternatives as well, since they are getting to be much faster.

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5 Feb 09 03:23:10 pm
I'm assuming your looking at mass market products. You might want to look for smaller niche market products.

But a lot of products that you look to source will have 50+ sellers. Somtimes you just have to compete with a lot of sellers.

I recommend if you are competing with a lot of sellers, to try and differentiate your product in as many ways as possible. e.g. eye catching picture and a good description and price, and if your item douns't sell, don't give up, try somthing different.

As the above reply said as well, you may want to try and look at other sites, however nothing can compare to eBay in terms of potential buyers, so I recommend you have at least some presence on eBay all the time.

Hope this helps!


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