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27 Sep 12 09:28:53 pm
I have recently sold an e-commerce business which sold branded clothing. I did very well on it with the help of Salehoo. But, I got tired of selling clothing online.

I have been dabbling in selling electronic accessories with a little success, nothing large scale or full blown. What I wonder is, is this market still profitable, or is it saturated?

Any advice would be very appreciated. Also, any suggestions on possible markets to begin selling would also be appreciated.

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28 Sep 12 02:28:30 am
Hello Michael,

To date electronics is still one of the most if not the most saturated market to get in to. But if you want to pursue this niche you can try selling accessories for starters and take it from there. If you were that successful with your clothing niche maybe you can apply the same techniques you did to your clothing site to your upcoming electronics site as well :)

Niches are quite specific actually so a niche from my end may not necessarily be a niche at yours. Your best option at finding another viable niche is still market research. But things that can give you ideas for your next niche are:

- hobbies (yours and other people)
- watch out for new trends - things/products that are repeatedly mentioned through various form of media, tv/radio/print ads/magazines
- check your shopping list

You might also like to try using our Research Lab in your niche hunt :)

Hope this helps!


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28 Sep 12 02:40:39 pm
Thanks for the advice.

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1 Oct 12 02:30:43 pm

Have you given any thought to printer/copier/fax supplies? Every business and nearly every household has a printer or other office machine. Those machines need ink.

We are an authorized distributor for Xerox and Dell, and can certainly help in finding the best wholesale prices for the biggest opportunity for you to have competitive online prices while maintaining a decent profit margin.

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12 Oct 12 08:29:11 am

Some of the big markets on eBay or your own online store currently are:
iPhone accessories (big surprise)
Samsung accessories
Baby clothing (so many different niches in this one and very profitable)

There are probably another 70 or so on the top of my head, but the answer to your question is yes electronics are still profitable. However do consider that there is more competition in the market now than there was 5 years ago and you may have to build brand awareness and create your own brand (which is dead easy).

If you follow kogans story (the Aussie importer) you will learn how to make it in this market.

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18 Oct 12 03:33:40 am
Yeah, I have to agree that electronics is still one of the hottest. Many people starting out do not have the capital to buy electronics wholesale so they start out with electronic accessories. Apparel and accessories can be a good way to go as well.

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