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24 Mar 12 04:55:46 am
OK well first want to thank salehoo for all your help never spoon fed me but gave me the information i needed to succeed in the internet world. Ok now i have a nitche and im selling on ebay and i want to make sure im doing everything right. so im about to build a new account so i can have no negatives and have a brand new start and i want to know if you can help and cratique my ebay pages and help me take this to the next level.

Best help is honest help. let me know what wrong whats a better way and how to make this a very succesful business.im trying to start to list atleast 500-1000 items a week through ebay so would like to look very professional.

Need some info and help Thank Sale Hoo!!!

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24 Mar 12 06:09:14 am
Good to hear you're all set to dive in, although I am wondering if you've taken your listing fees into account. You're talking about 500 to 1000 items, you have to be fully aware that eBay are going to hit you with a listing bill whether you sell anything or not, and it won't be pretty with that volume of listings, no matter what price you start them at.

This is ringing alarm bells because I know of a member who did pretty much the same thing just a couple of weeks ago without thinking of the listing fees, then got hit with a 300 odd dollar bill without selling a thing.

Just to get started, I would suggest numbers closer to 5 or 10 of the items you feel more comfortable about selling. You mention here that you have discovered a niche, I'm sure that niche won't contain any where near 500 to 1000 products, so I would suggest focusing more on the core niche products themselves and build up from there.

If you really want to jump into the market with that volume of items, I would suggest looking at free listing sites, bonanza for example. You won't get the same traffic flow as you will with eBay, that's true, but you won't get the sting in the tail just for listing either.

Happy to take a look at any listings, just leave a link we can follow for us.


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26 Mar 12 04:03:00 am
Great to hear from you again Million-ells :)

I'm a bit curious, how will you make you new eBay account stand apart from your old account? I mean as far as I know accounts are usually linked to each other one way or another.

Seeing as you will be selling 500-1000 items and with Marc's caution on the listing fees, I would like for you to check out Link hidden: Login to view, our own e-Commerce software that allows you to easily and quickly build your own webstore.

eBay can be a great place to sell, it’s true that the competition there is fierce which means that prices are driven down a lot in order to attract sales. This makes it hard to make a decent level of profit on your sales.

That’s why we created SaleHoo Stores – an easy and all-in-one webstore option that allows you to make more sales at better, more profitable prices.

SaleHoo Stores are so easy to use! You don’t need ANY programming or special computer knowledge in order to get your SaleHoo Store up and running. We also have video training as well as our one-on-one telephone and email support to help you out if you need it. This means you spend less time fussing over a difficult system and more time focusing on sales.

SaleHoo Stores were built by experts who know the exact formula for building a webstore that funnels your customers through your store and to the checkout!

Just making sure you are aware of all your options :)


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