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Use of product pictures on eBay - Help with possible copyright issues!

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29 May 12 10:41:43 am
Hi, just a quick question. I have opened an Ebay store and listed a few items. Items from one wholesaler have provided pictures for me to use but items from another wholesaler only have pictures with their name plastered over them. There are plenty of pictures available if i search google images however im unsure of the rules regarding copyright etc on ebay. If i try and take my own i think it will look a bit dodgy. Is there a way around this?
Thanks in advance :)

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30 May 12 01:51:27 am
Hi Carina,

According to eBay's Link hidden: Login to view-

eBay members are not allowed to use images—including photos and other pictures—or text they didn't create themselves. Exceptions to this policy would be if they are authorized to do so by the owner, its agent, or the law.

You can use images and text descriptions from the eBay product catalog in your listings without violating this policy. The product catalog may include, at our discretion, select seller-generated images or photos from seller listings. Unless the seller opts out of this program, the inclusion of such seller-generated photos in the eBay product catalog and the use of catalog content by eBay sellers in their eBay listings is authorized under the User Agreement.

If you choose not to use photos or product descriptions from eBay's product catalog, the best way to make sure you follow our policies is to take your own photos and write your own descriptions. This will help you avoid the risks of using someone else's pictures or text, and you won't need to worry about getting permission from any third parties.

I think using stock photos might be a good option in your case unless you decide to take your own photos. If you do, you might consider adding a watermark to you photos, like you could use your eBay username.

Hope this helps.


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30 May 12 08:27:06 am
Thanks Richelle!


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