Waiting for seller to confirm?

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17 Aug 06 08:53:42 am
hi there guys

I made an order on the 03/08 and its stillwaiting for the seller to confirm. What am i supposed to do its way past 5 days prosseing.

Also have another order where it says 'seller can not execute' whats this mean? can i get a refund?

So far none of my orders have been shipped so im a bit concerned.

Its all ordered at dhgate.com and its eletronics.

Thanks in advance.

Peter :?

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18 Aug 06 06:07:01 pm
If you have any questions I would make contact with DH Gate. They should be able to hel you better understand the system and methods. Also some suppliers take there sweet time when it comes to shipping. At times it feels like they are aquiring the product from another source also.

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20 Aug 06 04:50:06 am
I am also having problem with one of dhgate sellers. I bought some items from customer 1005 at dhgate.com. 2 days ago I sent an email asking for an update of the items and asking if he/she really had the items. Yesterday I received a reply stating that he/she asked me to wait as the items were not available yet. I was frustrated and told him/her to settle the problems in 2 days, or otherwise I would open a dispute in Paypal. then the seller said 'YOU CAN BACK THE MONEY :) ' which i dont really understand in term of its English meaning. Then i opened a paypal dispute. Until now, I have yet to receive an update either from dhgate or from the seller.

well....... advice: ask the seller first if the items are available. Do not buy straight away.

Maybe you can open a dispute as well, Peter. Do not wait too long

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21 Aug 06 08:36:07 am
I have just bought from the same person (customer 1005) on dhgate and although only a sample order of 10 items, 2 are faulty and unusable!

Not sure on the warranty situation as I stupidly left feedback and released the money on receipt of items (only too 10 days).

This will teach me to test every item first before ok'ing the release of money to the manufacturer.



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