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14 Mar 07 08:40:58 am
Hi all,
I am in Australia and am thinking of importing electronics from China/HK. There is a supplier who informed me that their branded products (eg. Nokia, Samsung etc) are covered by a 12 month limited manufacturer's warranty. However, most local manufacturers here in Australia do not honor overseas warranties.

I am in a dilemma as to what to do. I see that local online retailers suppliers are importing branded products from China/HK and selling in the local market saying that they offer the warranty. Should I still offer the 12 month warranty to my customers and have the products sent back to China for any repairs? Will all such branded products come with a warranty card? If I don't offer a warranty, I won't be able to win over customers for such products?

Please advise if any of you have gone through the same situation and what's the best way about this.
Much appreciated.

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14 Mar 07 02:45:25 pm
I can recall somthing about offering warranties on your items nomatter what they are. There is some kind of service that will do that for you but I cannot remember the site. You offer the warranty to bidders on all your items. But if they want a warranty they have to pay extra aside from your auction price.

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17 Mar 07 11:51:21 pm
I suggest getting in contact with the brand of products you wish to sell and find out about their warrenties straight from them. If they understand you are serious they will want to do business with you and make you happy.

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18 Mar 07 12:28:35 am
Hi Jimmy and Kellie.
Thanks for your replies. Since the China warranty is a hassle as it's not valid in Australia, I am going to partner with a third party warranty provider as suggested by Jimmy. That way I can deal with confidence in regards to warranty for my valued customers.
I know on ebay US, N.E.W is a warranty provider. Couldn't find any for ebay Australia.


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5 Jun 07 05:01:31 am
Warranties should be required and included from the get-go, or else chances are you want to avoid that supplier like the plague.

Lets talk about counterfeits now and why its easy to tell if someone is selling bootlegs.

See this for an example:

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This, is a Nintendo DS Counterfeit.

This would be illegal to sell on almost any place. It might even be illegal to sell it in your home town, except say off craiglist.

Nintendo does not endorse in any form this product.

I know this officially, because I have spoken to the seller at length.

He Shanghai2008 admits that there is no certificate with this item, and you can buy the warranty as optional.

This is 100% proof he is selling counterfeits or low quality knock-offs. Not only that, Shanghai2008 has a powerseller rating of 50%!!!!!!!! 50% of the buyers who purchased from him, have been unhappy and complained!!! That seals the deal. He's selling bootlegs, and admits it.

If THESE WERE legitimate 'replicas', the BOX would have the OFFICIAL Nintendo sign.

They would have a CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY, which is further proof Nintendo authorized them to go ahead and sell.

Since they do not, you want to run from them fast.


Shanghai2008 is the kind of seller/supplier you must always stay away from on DHGate or any wholesale store!!!

No matter what you do, you will get in trouble for selling his knock-offs. This is because none of them are certified. SHANGHAI 2008 IS SELLING BOOTLEG DS SYSTEMS ! :o


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