What are your Markups?

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9 May 07 10:57:53 pm
I have an idea what percentage of markup I must have to compete on ebay. I was wondering if anyone had any guidance in this area. I will be dropshipping.

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10 May 07 01:13:40 am
What do you want to know. I have 30%-50% markup on everything I sell.
The lower priced items you need a little higher markup. You can't buy something for $20 and sell it for $26, you have to at least make a little on shipping or raise the price a little.

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5 Jun 07 08:46:49 am
My thing is not about comparing markup prices, but I just wanted to say I have noticed absolutely astounding results in my business.

My online store has been so successful, I sell out of basically 98% of the items I stock just as soon as I had stocked them!

The only time I now do not sell out of a product, is if its a product nobody wants or needs at the time.

I have watchers on auctions before they have even started and buyers, from my online store and eBay as well as sellatonce.

I rarely ever now receive zero watchers on an item I sell.

That is unheard of! 8)

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Its INSANE. I am able to re-direct and redouble targeted traffic straight to my website, if not to my products themselves, through some of the most unique ways anyone ever thought.

And there's no AdWords used here....

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Success University is amazingly potent stuff. You learn everything there, A to Z and how to make the traffic exchange world work for you and how to make prospects chase you in real life.

There's no wonder Success U is the fastest growing network company in the world. A college where you can learn anything, take classes and learn how to master any business.

Any business you can dream up......this is just unbelievable stuff. I am now seeing affiliate sales from clickbank, Amazon, all sorts of places with doing hardly nothing at all.

This is an untapped enormous goldmine and next I am going to build my mailing list!

The potential to do anything........My store started out as an unknown blip in the web and now its over 10,000 people in a short time.

I just applied everything I learned in SU to my online store business, clickbank, you name it plus salehoo.

Instant success!! :o

I'm astounded at these results.....I believe you can do it with AdSense too!

So next I will put up AdSense and flood the traffic all over the place to my website, ask people to come, earn from AdSense too.

MOST product pages I have are purchased before its even over, that is how big a difference traffic makes. :wink:

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10 Jul 07 04:29:57 am
mine is 50% on regular items. If the item is rare my markup can be anywhere from 50 - 80% or more :)

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10 Jul 07 01:15:07 pm
This can vary greatly depending on the items you are selling. Electronics for instance can have as low as 5% markup but then other niche type items are marked up by 70%.

It all depends on the supply and demand that will determine your profit margin.

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10 Jul 07 03:41:55 pm
I have a couple items I have sold regularly for as much as 500% over what I have paid for them. Some of them I paid retail prices for. And just posted them online because they were not on ebay at all. But generally I make about 30-40% profits on my items.

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