What can I sell?

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6 Jul 12 02:17:46 am
Hi, I have recently joined Salehoo and many others in the search of a product that will make me money. I have wasted time and effort and still have not come to something that is worth investing into.

Can anyone help me please, I'm looking to invest around 3 Thousand Pounds to generate a decent return. I'm not asking to become rich over it but would like to make it worth my while to build.

Any suggestions Please say or even contact me on rabiamahmood@hotmail.co.uk

I don't care as much on what i sell but would like to see a good return for the investment if possible.

I live in the UK.

Kind Regards


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6 Jul 12 07:52:59 pm

Welcome to Salehoo.

Who hasn't been there? For me personally used electronics that function fully have worked best.

www.viatrading.com is a good source but with you being across "the pond" shipping may be an issue.

Below is a list Irene came up with in 2011

Hope this helps.


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Re: Factory-refurbished electronic equipment suppliers needed
Posted 7 Mar 11 10:58 pm.

Hi gsmistanbul,

These wholesale suppliers offer refurbished cameras -

Link hidden: Login to view
Link hidden: Login to view (one of the World’s Largest Wholesale Distributors of New, Used and Refurbished computers, components, peripherals, accessories and consumer electronic equipment)

Link hidden: Login to view (offers a wide range of factory refurbished 'name' brand audio/visual equipment)

And these suppliers offer other refurbished electronics -

Link hidden: Login to view (refurbished notebooks, Laptops, Desktops)

Link hidden: Login to view (no minimum order)

Link hidden: Login to view

Link hidden: Login to view (refurbished products have a 90 days guarantee)

Link hidden: Login to view (International distributor and exporter of video games software, hardware/consoles and accessories. They specialize in the distribution of video games consoles/hardware and can offer these products brand new, factory refurbished or used in working condition.)

Please share with us how you get on by writing a review in their supplier profile pages. Thanks!

Welcome to SaleHoo! :)


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7 Jul 12 12:44:38 am
thank you very much for taking time out to reply to my post. i really appreciate it.

Kind Regards


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10 Jul 12 03:08:44 am
Hi Ali,

Actually almost everyone is asking the same question but there is not one specific answer to give. What to sell will greatly depend on your location (or location you want to cater to), the preferences of your customers in your market, the latest trends, competition and of course the demand. A bit of market research might help you choose which products to sell, for one we have the Research Lab and my colleague Richelle has been providing suggestions on possible niches to go into, based on the results from the Research Lab. You may read her Monday Market of the Week from our blogs Link hidden: Login to view

Also, I'd like to share with you these ways to find out what is selling well on eBay:

1) Check out the popular searches and most popular products on eBay:

Popular searches: Link hidden: Login to view
Best selling products: Link hidden: Login to view
eBay pulse: Link hidden: Login to view

2) Perform completed listings searches for products or brand names to see the conversion rate and average selling price.

To do a completed listings search, simply click the Advanced Search button next to the main eBay search box. Enter your search keywords as usual, and then check the Completed Listings box. Hit search and you'll see historical data for the previous 30 days. Successful items are in green; unsuccessful items are in red.

Please note that what is popular does not mean it will be the easiest to sell, because it is possible for a highly popular product to be over saturated and you will be facing a lot of competition. With the tools I have shared with you, it could help you get ideas on what niche product to get into. :)

Hope that helps :) Let us know if there is anything else we can do to assist you.


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11 Jul 12 03:34:36 am
Hello Ali,

Other avenues you may want to explore is 1, your own home :) You might be amazed at the possible niches you will discover. Many big time successful sellers started out this way- selling things from around one's home. If you have a limited capital, then this definitely something to consider seeing as you will not need any money to purchase your initial stocks! Plus this will give you the chance to hone your selling skills (taking photos, writing convincing descriptions and listing titles) as well as help you save up for big wholesale orders. If you will be selling on auction sites like eBay then this can help you build your feedback score too.

Another potential source of ideas will be your local media - newspapers, magazines, TV/radio ads, be keen on noting something that is being repeated as this may be a new or upcoming trend!

When talking to your friends and neighbors, you might also want to take note of what's on their shopping list and when you do that, you can check your own shopping list as well. You might be surprised to learn that what you want to buy may be something others are looking for too :)

And of course I would encourage you to try out our Link hidden: Login to view to help you find a promising and profitable product to sell.

Hope this helps you off to a good start... All the best!


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