What is Bonanzle?

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11 Jan 10 12:17:22 am
Is Bonanzle geared to sell new items or used items?
Is it good for drop shipping?
Is the expense worth the $25.00 or so per month for a top of the line membership? Does the top of the line membership really result in more sales?

thanks for your help.

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11 Jan 10 03:57:39 am
Hey beachdisney,

I have been on Bonanzle for about a year now...I currently have the Premier membership and so far I dont see any spikes in my sales however I still dont have a consistant sales rank there yet. Maybe 1 or 2 a month. I was actually thinking of going back to the Free membership, I dont think these guys are ready yet to be charging folks for premium memberships, lol I find it funny when sites like this think its ok to charge people membership levels but never put effort into advertising the site with that revenue! Overall its a nice clean site with lots of chipper people! lol I think long term this site can turn into something more but right now its a decent secondary site, meaning dont just put all your eggs in on this site. Put a few items in a booth and do your best to spiff up the listings and get it setup so that site can submit your items to google search. Now there site rank on Alexa.com shows they are making improvements in traffic but No where near ebay or ebid if that. You can basically put any type of product on the site but I think really the site is more geared toward weird items and items not found on many sites.

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11 Jan 10 05:13:53 am
Hi beachdisney,

Bonanzle is one of the many alternatives we have to eBay but like many others it still cannot out do the traffic and sales on eBay. The site is quite new compared to eBay so you could say its still growing and getting there.

Here's a recent thread on Bonanzle that may have a few useful tips/info, please have a read:

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Cheers :)


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15 Jan 10 02:51:15 pm
I have been a seller on Bonanzle for over a year & maybe have had a couple of sales, nothing big. I sell a lot general merchandise but I also sell some software & they recently removed all of my software claiming that it was pirated. But its 100% legal wrote to them & they ignored my emails.
Its hard to sell software on ebay, Bonanzle is no different. They both assume your doing something illegal & remove your items without notice.

So be careful

John (aka bacpro)

J Baca

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24 Jan 10 08:01:13 am
it sucks, i go around blogging and ad's and no sells, just other buyer looking and thats it

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24 Jan 10 03:22:11 pm
I have to finally admit, Bonanzle is just like the rest of the startups, Nice people to chat with in the forums thats about it!. They guys never advertise big time and seem to think by using craigslist, social networks, to push our products but when it comes down to it, BUYERS just dont know who Bonanzle is! I guarantee you that in a year from now sellers will have the same problem selling on that site no buys just lookers and other sellers stopping in booths to say hello and just browsing but whats negative about that is they are not just browsing they are trying to get their names out there.

Bonanzle will not survive for long! I wish they were but at this point they have to reall ask themselves, are we really doing enough to get our company out there to the buyer?

One company that IS on the move right now is Wigix.co

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24 Jan 10 08:22:01 pm
I think a lot of the trouble is that many expect far too much from these new operations, they're not ebay and they have absolutely no chance of generating anywhere near the volume of traffic that ebay does.

Having said that, I completely agree with you Don, far too much promotion of the site, and many like it is left up to the actually sellers themselves. Sure, as a seller you should be taking every opportunity to market every selling platform your are on, by way of any means possible.

Not to do that is not covering your market, and leaving gaps is when you start having sales slip through them. However, while these sites rely so heavily on their members doing their promotion for them they have a limited life span.

Sooner or later members get fed up and pull the pin, start losing your hardcore support base, and the whole platform will then struggle to survive.

I always look at a site like Bonanzle as a pretty good alternative for someone just starting out with the strategy of developing their own website. OF course it doesn't provide you with the flexibility that your own website does, but it essentially the same style of platform, and it's FREE to list!

I think it's a great platform for those to cut their teeth on, little bit of work involved, but zero risk!

Take advantage of their platform to gain some experience before you run with your own site. Test out your online marketing skills, learn how to drive traffic to your booth and all the other aspects related to online sales.

Good little learning ground, once you have a plan in place, you know what you're doing, and you're ready to leave home. Then you can go out and get yourself a place of your own, and you're not starting from scratch.

If you want a solid platform to make constant sales from, then these types of platforms will struggle to provide you that at this point of their development.

Mark (fudjj)

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