WHat is the best way to find a niche market for ebay?

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17 May 07 09:12:29 am
HI, I was wondering if anyone could please offer any ideas for finding a niche market on ebay.

Rather than looking at all the dropshippers is it better to just go through every category on eby and see what the best sellers are.

Any advice apprecited

Cheers Deb :shock:

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18 May 07 05:20:10 am
Negative that is a common mistake made by many new ebayers. Just because its a popular item doesnt mean you will make profit on it.

Most high demand items have many sellers oversaturating ebay with the same product bringing the selling prices down below wholesale value. This basically cuts the small timer out of the equasion because they cannot buy enough bulk to get a price worth profiting on.

You want to find low demand products that are hard to find on ebay. There are always buyers looking for such items. And generally this will allow you to sell the item sometimes above retail.

Its tough finding a nich product. But many do all the time. Others just follow the flow and buy into closeouts and bulk liquidations to make thier profits.

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18 May 07 07:56:09 am
yeah! thats for real,, i never sell the top ten item, because if you want to play with those top ten item. You have to play big, I mean by buying bulk or something like that.


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