What is the best way to start out selling? Dropshipping?

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19 Dec 06 10:37:30 pm
I'm very interested in selling on eBay and seeing where it goes. I'm not rich so i wanna start out small.i started buying those koss ear buds for people at work and thought damn i wish i could find the wholesaler of these id make a killing.(still haven't found the wholesaler lol)Anyways im curious how u guys started out?dropshipping?Is dropshipping a good way to get cashflow and move up to wholesaling?id appreciate your input thanks chuck

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24 Dec 06 05:45:24 am
You can try either dropshipping or purchasing in smaller wholesale quantities to get started. You will make more money if you purchase the merchandise rather than dropshipping. Dropshipper usually charge a fee and have higher prices for them to make a profit and for handling the products for you. There are a lot of great wholesalers on salehoo. Just figure out what you want to sell, than find a source, order a couple hundred dollars worth and start selling it. I would recommend doing plenty of research ahead of time to make sure you can resell whatever you decide to purchase. Good luck.

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11 Jan 07 01:43:32 am
If you are first starting out, it's best to start with dropshipping because you don't have to lay out a lot of cash or any at all because you won't have to buy the item until you get paid from your customer. You don't have do any of the shipping or carry the inventory either.

Once you start making a little money with dropshipping, then you can start buying in bulk with the profits and make even more selling that way.


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