What products should a newbie start selling on ebay.

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16 Apr 11 04:44:37 pm
Hello all

Im wondering what procuts one should sell on ebay. I was thinking to sell electronics, but the general concensus seems to be no go for electronics. From what im reading it seems that clothes are the way to go for the newbie. any thoughts on clothes selling for the newbie or advice is appreciated. Was also wondering what everyone thinks about selling new relase blueray and video games and suppliers for that. thanks.

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16 Apr 11 09:43:38 pm
I would suggest that if you are a newbie to ebay, and still need to collect feedback, that you start by selling unwanted stuff from around the house, clothes, toys etc to first establish your feedback rating.

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17 Apr 11 10:23:45 pm
@angela123: Great advice! :)

@wick603: Angela has given you one of the best tips there is for those who are about to take a plunge into eBay. Other reasons you might want to start out this way are:

- little to no capital needed (basically you will only pay for shipping and the listing fees)
- it allows you to experiment on various products without too much risk since you did not invest money in securing the products.
- gives you a chance of actually discovering a niche!

Erika, one of our resident Powersellers once mentioned that video games is one of the toughest categories to sell in and knowing her I would take her word for it :)

For more eBay selling tips visit our Education tab and check under eBay selling - Link hidden: Login to view you'll find various guides for beginners as well as how you can find out what are considered as hot items on eBay!

All the best and cheers :)


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