What's a good approach to earning a decent income online? Your guidance needed

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14 May 12 07:19:02 am
I am at a crossroads and don't know what to do, I can't just keep going this way, ctdrop shipping has been good and has given me extra income, but I look at others and they have 200, 300, etc feedback per month.

I need to change what I am doing, I need to find something that no one else wants to do, something that will earn me a fair wage, like I am not looking at a million a week but that would be nice, 500 to 1000 per week would be nice,

something where I can rent a small room and just stay there all day away from the missus (she gets pissed off that I spend to much time on the computer).

I am here, pretend I am a dart board, start throwing things at me, I am not artistic and for some reason lazy, I have even googled to try and find out why I am lazy, no luck.

I am not crafty or artistic

start throwing things at me.

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14 May 12 09:29:33 pm
Well you don't have to be artistic or crafty to be successful in e-commerce, but the lazy thing can be a serious draw back lol.

Not much in life in life comes easy, apart from death, which kind of sucks, but the rest requires some level of effort to make it happen. General rule, the more effort, the higher the reward potential.

If you are looking for reasons as to why others are out selling you, then you need to start breaking down the data as to why they are. Hard to get your game to where they have their's without fully understanding what you need to do to get there.

For example, are they selling the same, are you competing well in areas such as price, shipping and customer service. Do they have a much larger stock profile than you and so on.

If you compare apples to apples, then you will be able to work out why theirs are always sweeter than yours.

Personally, I would be tempted to take 100 of that cash and head out early on a Saturday morning to hit some garage sales. It doesn't just get you out of the house for a bit, but it can dig up some eBay gold, especially if you know how to talk a better deal!

I've mentioned this before some time ago, but I have good friends that started out garaging on a Saturday morning to set up selling on eBay. They were cheeky with their offers, but that paid off for the most part. They started to get good eBay turnover, so they started to alter their business model at a supply source.

Still garage sales, but they started to move into more high income areas to start their picking. Found better products at better prices, and that led them to the next stage of just shutting down the sale.

They bought a small truck, he and his wife. They would start going around mid morning, just giving the sales 3 or 4 hours of run time. Then when they found one that had some decent stock they would simply make an offer on everything the person had.

No if's, but's or maybe's, here is X for the lot!

That was a very smart and calculated move, as we had discussed how to make the most out of the sales. The timing was set at mid morning specifically to let the sellers spend a few hours, let them get a little weary from the early start, and then hit them with a low-ball offer to close the sale down, and give them the opportunity to head off and do something more exciting than just sitting around there all day making a dollar here and a dollar there.

The plan worked, far better than we ever expected. Not many would say yes straight up, but leaving them a card and telling them you would be in the area for the 30 minutes looking at other sales and if they changed their mind to give you a call worked perfectly.

They were getting 2 out of every 4 ringing back within 30 minutes and accepting the offer.

They started to clean up big time. Always ended up with a lot of garbage that they didn't want, but still made a killing.

They still do it, they now have two trucks and the help of another friend. Three double car garages for storage, and eBay sales of around 3k a week in total. They are at the point where they have customers placing orders with them upfront.

That took a simple idea, took a little effort and some good planning, but it does show you that it can be done, if you want it badly enough.

I should also mention that they also make a killing on road side clean ups. Most of the time all they do is refit plugs on electrical items and that's pretty much the only level of repair they do.

They find some absolute gold thrown out on the street, and cash in big time just by driving around and loading up the truck.

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15 May 12 03:36:23 am
I went to one op shop and got a barbie car missing the front seats for $2.50

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got a bratz clock for about $2.00

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A small bratz backpack, about 23cm high, 17 wide and 13 deep. Could not find one on ebay to compare

2 Bratz books in perfect condition, on ebay thy sell for around $2.50 to $5, maybe wrong grabbing them but then I can bundle them to make them more attractive.

What looks like a Bratz pencil case or maybe makeup bag, that was $1.50

And last but not least, a Buffy tin, seems round with wih a falt bottom, as in it sits up, it also has a handle at the top and a snazzy looking clip to keep the lid closed, was $2.


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