What's best to sell on ebay?

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29 Mar 07 06:06:22 am
What are the best things to sell on ebay? what is selling good? and whats making profit?

Please help?

Rachel 8)

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29 Mar 07 06:49:19 pm
You have to find a product that you are knowledgeable about... It's not always the best selling items that will make you money.... You have to be able to sell yourself more than the items you are selling... If you can not sell yourself than you will have problems.... Start out going to garage sells, it is a very good way to start with little risk.....

Hope this helped you

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1 Apr 07 03:53:47 am
Basically pick an item. Look at the retail prices and than look at the ebay prices. See how many people are selling those items. When you have a good idea what you want to sell ask in here for help on how to locate that product.

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3 Apr 07 08:31:44 am
what's most wanted at the moment on ebay


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3 Apr 07 11:01:22 am
Guys, get real.

Posting things like 'what sells that will make me lots of money' is just stupid.

No one has the magic answer. I can tell you what sells: iPods.

Now you have to go out and find a reliable, genuine supplier that you can buy off. Then sell on Ebay.

Oops, forgot about the 50,000 other people selling iPods on eBay.

Do your research!!!! Look at items you think would sell them buy a sample order. No one is going to give you the answer you are looking for. i.e this sells you get it here for this price.


Sorry for the aggressive post but seriously... So many people asking the same question. 'What sells well and can make me money?'


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3 Apr 07 03:10:02 pm
Guys, get real.

Posting things like 'what sells that will make me lots of money' is just stupid. {snip}...

Well said... DO YOUR HOME WORK :roll:

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3 Apr 07 06:22:37 pm
Tools such as auction inspector also help to save time...

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4 Apr 07 02:14:11 pm
I totally agree with Tom...I am in the process of researching stuff to sell either on ebay or somewhere else. You need to remember that something that is selling really well...most likely is being sold by a lot of other people. When there is a lot of competition....you won't make much money!

I looked into dropshipping and asked about it on an ebay blog and I did not get very good responses from people.

A lot of people don't like dropshipping....there are fees involved and if they run out of stock...then you need to explain that to the person who just bought the product that you don't have that item.

You need to find something you know about and research, research, & research!!!!

I have been researching for about a month now and it can be a lot to take in, but in the end you will be glad you did.

Selling items on ebay or other places should not be about 'getting rich quick'...you need to
take the time to make sure you made the right decision or it will cost you a lot of money!

Good Luck!

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4 Apr 07 05:41:21 pm
whats best to sell on EBAY?
items you have in stock and are ready to ship

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