What to do when finding a supplier

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25 Mar 08 10:27:37 pm
I have no idea what I am doing so far. I need someone to talk me through this. I have found some stuff I think will sell, from one of the Alibaba sites. I have asked for a sample. Some won't and some will. This is where I'm up to. One said I need a FedEx account. Others just say I have to pay, how? Please help.


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27 Mar 08 01:31:41 am
Just be careful when dealing with suppliers from aliababa. That site is full of scammers...That being said, I have found some good suppliers from time to time on that site..You just have to make sure that you use a secure type of payment such as a credit card or paypal. As far as shipping you should not have to set up a fedex account unless you are going to be doing alot of massive type of shipping...Most of the china suppliers normally use ems to ship to you...Contact the supplier you intend to do business with and ask about what type of payments they accept and who they use for shipping...Normally on alibaba there is an email contact format normally located at the bottom right of their listing...Just use that to communicate with them.....

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27 Mar 08 07:46:10 am
keep looking around in the forums and ask as many questions as you can there will be someone on there to help and guide you in every step before you make your decesion on what to purchase. I personally would recommend purchaseing skyhigh auction from salehoo it gives you and tells you everything from a to z on how to sell and set up auctions as well as a store. And a host of other stuff that would be benieficial to you. hope this helps good luck.

p.s. where are you from


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