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7 Mar 12 04:29:15 am
Hi I am new here at salehoo. I signed up today. I am wanting to find good products for flea markets. Anyoone know what sells best and where to find it.
I have thought of a couple of items I think would sell flipflops and printed t shirts with catchy sayings on them but do not know where to get good deals.
If any of you could guide me thru this maze I sure would be thankfull.

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7 Mar 12 07:14:19 am
Hi sanmansstand,

Welcome to SaleHoo! :) It's great that you have an idea somehow of what products you would like to work on. Selling products within your interests will be motivating and will make the job a lot easier. :) You can start by writing down your interests and making a list of products that are related to these interests.

And the next step is to do research on these ideas/ products. This is the important step to help you avoid selling something that thousands of other people are already selling. As you do your research you will also get ideas on something people want to buy. Along these lines, you can then think of niche markets having low competition but with high demand. :) The market continuously change, and that means you need to be aware and be flexible to adjust with the demand. We have the tool, the SaleHoo Research Lab, that can help with this market research. Richelle has been posting great niche suggestions using this tool and you can read them from our Monday Market of the Week blogs, the latest one is Link hidden: Login to view

There are also free ways to find out what sells best at eBay. You can use
Link hidden: Login to view Link hidden: Login to view and Link hidden: Login to view For details on how each of these work, have a read from our Education resource
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