Where are you guys selling?

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6 Mar 10 09:42:45 am
So, who is selling successfully and on which online retail platform now, eBay, ecrater, ebid et al... Also, which sourcing method are you using, dropshipping, wholesale, liquidation...

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11 Mar 10 05:39:29 pm
eBay is my selling platform and the supply model I use is Wholesale. Only reason I am not exploring other online selling platforms at the moment is because I am developing my own website to market.

I think eBay still offers the best market by a very long way when it comes to a Wholesale or Liquidation supply model. However, because of the saturated market it can be extremely hard work using a Drop Shipping model.

Not impossible, plenty do it and make some cash, however if I were using a Drop Shipping supply model myself I would be developing multiple selling platforms to gain maximum market exposure.

Mark (fudjj)

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13 Apr 10 05:10:28 am
AS Fudjj stated, eBay is the best platform for volume sales. But I also use eCrater and Bonanzle.
Bonanzle has turned into a poor place for me but eCrater continues to give me slow but consistent sales. I have only 10 items listed but I get a sale every 2 to 4 weeks which nets me about 25 to 50 per month.
But eBay gives me the best bang for the buck. I get about .07 to .08 response/sales per each 10 auctions I list.
I list about 200 auctions at a time.

Bonanzle requires to much babysitting. There doesn't appear to be a streamlined order and a pay system but one of offer, approve and then pay. SO one has to be there all the time to approve an order.


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