Where do I make the most profit: Amazon, Ebay, Half????

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6 Oct 10 11:10:55 am
Hi everybody,

I'm about to start a new project on selling children's dvd and Iwold like to know where is the best place to sell them. For example:

I get the dvds for 10 each and they sell well for 22 on any of these sites.

How much profit am I going to get on each site from this example?.... thanks.

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7 Oct 10 07:50:31 pm
Hi CoolMilosball,

Seeing you have a price set in listing your item to the said three sites, I guess it will help if we can compare the fees. I've seen one article that did this and you may find it useful - Link hidden: Login to view
The writer did this comparison for the purpose of selling textbooks, but the fee schedule links for each site and his assessment can give a lot of insights. :)

All the best!


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7 Oct 10 10:04:42 pm
Hello CoolMilosball,

I think the fee schedule links would be quite helpful.

There are other factors that need to be considered which may affect your profit like the type of listing format you will be using and the type of shipping service you will be offering your customers, so it's a bit difficult to say...

Also, you have to consider that even if you may make a better profit on one site (based on calculations) it may not necessarily be a hot product on that particular site. In the article shared by Irene, the writer said
I’m removing Ebay from seriously being in this comparison simply because you go to Half.com to buy textbooks, not Ebay. Ebay is for everything else and if you try to sell a textbook on Ebay, you’ll most likely be sorely disappointed unless it’s a collectible or something of that nature.

Another consideration is the type of customers that flock to the site. Many have always said that most items are sold at a much better price on Amazon compared to others (seller's perspective) because of the type of customers that go there.

I think what fudjj said in another thread is quite practical and may be something you should consider: Link hidden: Login to view

All the best! :)

PS Maybe you should try listing the same item in all 3 sites and see how it fares. If you do - do let us know how it went. Would be great to read about the actual experience. -Thanks :)


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