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4 Sep 15 01:02:40 am
Hi Everyone,

We just joined and are looking for some advice on where to start. We are looking for some general Do's and Dont's. Should we get a Salehoo store right off the bat or is Amazon or Ebay a good place to start out? We are a little concerned about the money it may cost right now to drive customers to a new website. Or as you sell on Amazon and Ebay does that give you a way to introduce people to your own website?

How about a dissatisfied customer who wants to return a product? Do you take returns and issue a refund? Do the suppliers generally stand behind their products so you in turn can get your money back?

Any good or bad experience with drop shippers? We don't have the capital to keep a bunch of stock on had right now so we think we need to use drop shippers.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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4 Sep 15 11:37:26 pm
Yes Sheryl, I just joined myself on Monday and I am confused and afraid to make a bad move and get it wrong. I have watched many videos on YouTube and have gotten many different opinions on the best way to go. From what I got out of all of this information so far is that it depends on if you have some money to invest or not. If you don't have a lot of money to invest in product, or buying in wholesale lots, the best way to go is doing item by item on EBay or Amazon, and school is out on which one of those giants is tallest! If you can afford a store here on SaleHoo or an EBay store, that may be the way to go. But if you own your own store, you will need to be able to drive traffic to it online, and that is scary to me. That takes some knowledge of how to optimize your store website. You could try going to Link hidden: Login to view and searching for someone that is schooled in listing you on search engines and doing backlinks to your site on other people's blogs and websites that have something to do in your niche. They will do these tasks for you for only $5.00 per task. You can't ask for more than that.
So I hope this helps you and you aren't more confused than you were before. But I am still wrestling with the decision about whether or not to open a store or to just start with Amazon or EBay. I'm 65 years old and just a newbee. Dale

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5 Sep 15 02:34:19 am
Hi Sheryl and Dale,

Let's tackle the store issue, and that's a pretty simple NO from my perspective. Ultimately, an independent web store is where you need to be aiming, but you need to have some experience behind you and the cashflow to market it or it's just a waste of time.

You've got 4 main supply options to consider, wholesale, dropshipping, surplus (liquidation) or second hand. Each have their own benefits and disadvantages, you really should research all 4 of those to see what platform best suits. A traditional way to start selling on eBay has been to start off by listing some things from around the house that you have no further use for, and that still holds very true today.

You don't just get a taste for online sales, but there is no to extremely low cashflow required, you have the ability to earn some cash and it might even give you an idea of other items to focus on selling from the results you get.

Now things like customer returns, if you're dealing in new products then that's something you are probably going to have to formulate as customers expect some sort of guarantees on new products. If you are dropshipping, then you need to be aware of your suppliers requirements and you simply have to parrot that. If you are wholesaling, then you will have to again, be aware of the manufacturer's warranty terms and formulate a policy around those.

I would advise looking through our Seller Training Centre for some great advice and tips, link is in the title bar at the top of the screen.

It can be very daunting to know exactly when and where to jump in, but my advice is to keep it simple and low cost to kick it off. Keep the risk to a minimum, especially if cashflow is a BIG issue. The term "learning to crawl before you can walk" in this type of business is absolutely true. Success can't come over night, but failure can .......

Mark (fudjj)

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