WHich is best to sell on Please??

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17 Apr 08 12:30:14 am
I don't want to sell on ebay. Ubid and Amazon seem to filled with big discount sellers so the little sellers have no chance, OnlineAuction someone said doesn't sell either??
Can anyone recommend where the little sellers like us have a chance to sell on??
thanks Deb :D

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25 Apr 08 06:31:07 am
Go here and check out the growth of these sites. Ioffer is one of the fastest growing ive seen since the ebay dilemma began they have gone from a few hundred thousand to over 3-4 million listings. A few of sellers I know are reporting some increased gains there

I myself prefer Amazon, I still sell on ebay a little but several items I have sold for my price.

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25 Apr 08 03:10:57 pm
I don't know, maybe I missed it, but I don't see a link, Jimmy. Where do you prefer to go?


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