Which is better for a domain name: dot com or dot net?

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21 Jan 12 01:05:55 am
After using the search engine on SaleHoo and getting nowhere...I think it is safe to ask the following question:

With all the available search engines and the ability to just type in a "reasonably close" attempt at a website that you are looking for and then get there...does trying to think of a really groovy dot com domain name, really trump a dot net domain name?

I am asking a rhetorical question here, because I know a dot com is always at the forefront of everyone's mind when they think of anything internet related. However, when I look for something on my search engine, I just get as close as I can to the domain and could care less if it has a dot com or dot net.

Is it a branding driven? Ego driven? Financially driven?

Little help? Anyone with me?

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21 Jan 12 04:29:53 am
dot com is the more desirable but dot net and even dot biz are becoming popular. IMO if one is starting a website for retail dot com is still the way to go but not a deal breaker.

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21 Jan 12 05:02:29 am
I think Planes has it pretty well right, most likely the dot com is the one most people go after. That said, in my opinion it really isn't a big deal, in fact you can use the other domains to good marketing effect.

I currently have a dot com and a dot co, that I market as a (co)mpany website. I had a little local TV production last year and had a dot TV domain I used for it, worked a treat.

I wouldn't hesitate to have a dot net or dot info and so on. I don't think the domain itself is of any real concern, it's more about how you market what you have that is important!

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21 Jan 12 05:16:34 am
Thanks for the input guys. I will not sweat it then.



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