Which Online Store to use???

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10 Jan 09 03:43:49 am
i would like to ask someone expert here....i am planning o setup my own web store and i have go through ebay.com
i found out about ebay store and prostores
1. For me ebays store charge me a quite a fee for each listing (becoz they have hunder and millions of targeted visitor) but i am quite intersted
2. Prostores also cath my interest as i can have a month free trial and also don't have listing fee except for the monthly fee. And also i need to make my own extra marketing strategy.

So if anyone wiser enough to advise me on tis matter becoz i am serious enough to do this my full time source of income.

Thank you.

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10 Jan 09 04:16:42 pm
Well, I am no expert, but I'll give you my two cents worth. I wouldn't bother with any store from ebay. You will lose your shirt because of all the fees. Not only do you have to pay a monthly fee, you also have to pay listing fees and final value fees. You also have to pay these with a Prostore. The only advantage to using a storefront from ebay is the traffic volume.

Try using an ecommerce host that is cheaper and won't sock you with tons of fees. Look into godaddy.com. I use Citymax.com. They are cheap and have losts of space. The only bad thing is they don't have a search bar.

If you plan to do this as a full time source of income, good luck. A website takes months and months of planning and marketing. My site finally makes money, but it took a couple of years. I hope this helps some.

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16 Jan 09 07:03:44 am
we have prostores web site, it has been about 7 months, but we are not making money yet. as being said in the previous notes, it takes years to make money.

ebay store is a quick and easty to go solution, you need to list items in auction style and bring customers to your stores, otherwise store item listing won't sell well as ebay doesn't provide search option for store item only under the condition few items are found from auction styles and then your store items will be shown to customers if meets search result.

good luck.


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