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27 May 09 04:19:13 pm
Hello, I have recently come across many wholesalers(loacated in the unitedstates) and they supply various designer brands one such wholesaler is Link hidden: Login to view. When you browse the DISCLAIMER page on the top they state that none of there products are authentic and that they dont represent any of the brand names indicated etc. That being said, are they selling these 'fake items' legally and if I buy from them can I resell these items 'legally'?? This company has been operating since 1998 so I find it quite odd they are still in business if its illegal.

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27 May 09 09:50:53 pm
They seem to be selling what is termed 'designer Inspired' sunglasses.

These won't be exact copies of the designer brand, but are styled upon the brand, and they will most definitely be an inferior produced product.

Taking that into consideration, so long as you do not step on any copyright laws you will be fine.

You will not be able to even remotely suggest that these items are genuine, in fact you really have to quite clearly state that they are not in anyway genuine, nor are you inferring that they actually are!

Even then, who knows with a site like ebay whether or not you would have any listing issues!

Given those boundaries I think you would seriously need to identify your market carefully, because it certainly won't be designer brand buyers.

My suggestion would be that these types of products are more suited to market stall and discount outlets, not an on-line market, but that's just my opinion.

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