Wholesellers offering products at a decent price to make some margin on Amazon needed

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19 Apr 13 07:54:07 pm
Hi all, Its been about a month I joined salehoo. I tried many electronics whole-seller and other venders too. I was not able to find a single product where I can make 20-30% margin. I lost money in few product and others there's no profit at all. I am selling mainly in amazon. And with amazon fees and shipping for $20 product your over all cost comes out to be $30, and you wont be making any money. So even if you are selling 20$ product for 30 in amazon you are not making any money at all. If the price I right I am eager to buy product worth few thousand dollars. But I am a started so I would rather start small and see where things goes. So If anybody know any whole seller which can sell product at decent price so that I can make even 10% or more after amazon fees and shipping. It would be really appreciated. Thanks

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23 Apr 13 12:09:13 am
Hello authenticdealsonline,

I'm just curious how did you come about what products to sell? Did you do your due diligence in finding the right products for the market you want to cater to?

Remember that with all the competition it is often best that we due thorough market research before investing on any product. Also you mentioned electronics, I think it is safe to assume that you listed electronic products, please note that you have selected one of the most competitive markets to sell in - For beginners it is not very wise to start out this way as the seasoned sellers being all more experienced and seasoned in this market will definite outsell you!

I know the Link hidden: Login to view is designed for ebay but I recommend taking it for a spin just so you have an idea of how products sell.

Finding a product with a high profit margin usually means finding a niche market.

Here are some products we have found to have good profit margins:

- Clothing
- Skin care (e.g. anti-ageing & acne treatment)
- Vacation-related items (swimsuits, crocs, sunblock)
- Homewares (towels, sheets)
- Accessories for electronics
- Crafts & hobby items
- Sporting goods
- Computers & computer parts
- Auto & motorbike
- Unique items/collectibles

However, bear in mind that we give out this list to anyone who asks! It is always most profitable to come up with your own niche market.

One of the best ways of doing this is just by selling some stuff from around the house that you no longer need any more. In the process, you will often stumble across items that sell really well that you would never have otherwise picked!

Good luck :)


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2 May 13 03:59:47 pm
Many times when your trying to sell in high yield markets such as electronics, everyone and their brother is doing it. The big guys already have the products at lower rates than what the small guys can buy them for at the start, or even if they source some products in bulk. When a small seller is buying 100 TV, well the big guys on Amazon are buying 1000's.

Guess who is going to get the lower rate? The big guys.

When we tried to get into some market places, we don't go after the most popular products. We think out of the box, I've always used this statement. Does the world need another "seller". If not, then move on.

Take ipod for example, they are super popular, but wait then it means everyone is going to be selling them. If you niche down, you can be fighting with fewer sellers, and increase your chances of making a profit.

Do a search for iPhone cases, look how many people are selling them. Lets say 10,000 people (not correct numbers, but it's an example). Now your selling against 10,000 people fighting for business.

Pick a big market, but niche down, so you have less people fighting for your sales. Once you niche down, niche down even more. iPhone Cases for example, niche down to pink cases. Then take it even more to pink hard cases.

Today, it's really the outside the box thinkers making it into the market place, and getting returns. I never thought we would sell soo many pens, but hey there is a market.

It's really the only way to do it these days less you have a lot of capital.

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