Why did I get a low DSR?

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27 Apr 13 10:27:22 am
when I looked at my seller dashboard on ebay

I have been given two 1's for item not as described (my average rating is 4.94/5)

but I have 100% positive feedback, no one has complained to me about any of my items, is there are a way of finding out what items I sold that I was given low ratings for?

thank you

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27 Apr 13 08:12:53 pm
In regards to why?

The simple answer is that some buyers are just %^%^$$^**(*&^^ Doesn't matter what you do, you will never meet some people's expectations and your DSR will suffer for it.

Man, I hate that system so much. It's a buyers market for sure, every time you sell something you just have to hold your breath and cross your fingers that you are selling to a reasonable buyer.

Mark (fudjj)

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29 Apr 13 02:09:12 am
Hello foxyroxy,

Marc's right! No matter what we do there are just some buyers out there that are a bit more unreasonable than others thus we have things like extremely low DSR's.

I saw this guide on ebay - Link hidden: Login to view and though you might find it helpful.

All the best!


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