Why do people just look at an item on BUY IT NOW and not just click to buy it right away?

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19 Apr 10 02:04:16 am
Why do people watch a item which is BUY IT NOW,why not just click to buy and put me out of my misery.

Anyway I can change them to buyers not kickers.

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19 Apr 10 02:24:28 am
Hi AustGarageSales,

I can't say exactly what each eBay buyer is thinking - I mean, for those who have taken a look at your listing and simply decided to just browse away. But in my case I'd say, I would just like to make sure that before I click the 'Buy It Now' button, there are no other sellers offering a much better deal than you are.

It's not just sellers who do a fair amount of research, now even buyers do (specially with the economic situation and all). I think it's quite seldom to come across the impulsive buyers these days. Just like you scout for the best and cheapest supplier, buyers/customers too will scout even harder for the best and cheapest deals on the net.

The trick there is how you can convert these lookers to buyers. You may find these helpful in convincing lookers aka 'potential buyers' to actual $$$:

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If there's anything else we can help you with don't hesitate to let us know.
All the best! :)


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19 Apr 10 02:31:36 am
Hi AustGarageSales,

I agree with Richelle. =) As a seller I consider ‘watchers’ on my ‘buy it now’ items as potential buyers who need time before making the final purchasing decision. I sometimes watch items on ‘buy it now’ when I don’t have the money to buy at that moment but would like go back and check the seller’s list whenever I want to. I go back and purchase the item when I finally have the means to pay for it. =) Watching an item is also my way of earmarking a product I am interested in but need time to do price comparisons on Ebay (or at a local store) before buying.



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19 Apr 10 12:20:34 pm
Hi i agree with AustGarageSales this does drive one a little crazy but i agree with irene that i do it myself watch others who are selling the same as me just to see how they go but you are right not every one has the money to buy it now i was emailed by a customer on a item ending very shortly as to how much time do they need to pay for the item. As i said to them let me know when you can pay that way i wont post an unpaid item case against them ok so i have to wait a week for payment but it is still a sale!!

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19 Apr 10 09:02:37 pm
Yeah, this is one that can drive your average ebayer completely bonkers. I have to admit it used to bug the life out of me when I first started, but now I don't even put any potential in watchers on a BUY IT NOW option.

As has been said here, people hit watch for a variety of reasons. I'll watch items that I have a personal interest in for research value alone, absolutely no intention of buying it.

Of course there are those that are mildly interested, not quite ready to take a jump and grab it, those that are seriously interested, but are going to shop around first and score themselves the best possible deal. Even those that put it on a watch list to show Cousin Ethel because it's one just like she used to have, and so on.

Waste of time trying to second guess them, just make your listing as effective and enticing as possible, that's the absolute best option :)

Mark (fudjj)

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