Why do some ebay sellers sell over retail?

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2 Feb 10 09:22:04 am
I have noticed that some ebay sellers sell some of their brand new products well over retail. For example, I bought an epson printer for $80 from amazon and the same printer was being sold by a couple different ebay sellers for $120 and $150. Are they just not aware of the market price or are they hoping a not so savvy, uninformed buyer will buy their overpriced printer. Who is buying these printers when they are priced over the MSRP.

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2 Feb 10 03:47:09 pm
Well I think they are just hoping to get Lucky! lol. I am sure the majority of them are aware of the average selling price of the product. Some people are just so desperate for money that they feel they need to get the highest buck they can get for it.

The more popular thing to do with Electronics on eBay is when a new phone comes out thats very popular sellers will grab one and sell it for like 900 bucks! lol thats also because if its in such hot demand and is not yet available in all markets that a buyer will have a huge demand to buy it regardless of its selling price.

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2 Feb 10 05:54:10 pm
The ease of purchasing from your home and not having to go all the way to the store and pick it up. lol

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2 Feb 10 09:56:26 pm
I think someone did a study a while ago that showed people have a tendency to under-research price in some categories - which is interesting, especially with all the price comparison tools available these days!

If you are a top-rated seller that scores highly on best match, and you have a great listing with a lot of photos, then I think a lot of people would pay a bit more to buy from you, just because you're the first listing. Just like Google searches, lots of people don't bother to dig to deep.

And like sameer555 says, not having to leave your house is always an advantage. For some buyers, price simply isn't the biggest concern!


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2 Feb 10 10:38:38 pm
Yeah, I think all of the above really.

A whole range of factors trigger different purchasing responses from different customers, but of course there is always the possibility with ebay that it's new sellers who simply have no idea of the market value.

It's an interesting change from the normal lol, most ebay prices are so sharp you could shave with the things!

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2 Feb 10 10:46:36 pm
I agree with grace, its all about presentation! dwmgoods also made somewhat a good point. But dont try it to often..lol But its a good concept.


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