Why Pricing Differs Largely from Online Stores

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6 Dec 15 11:58:05 pm
Im not sure if im missing something i truly hope i am. Walmart, homedepot and any other retail store are half the price of anything on ebay or any other internet market place. The only hope at all is garage sales, bid on storage units or any other second hand items. I have trouble believing anyone makes a living on this. How can you ever hope to use a wholesaler when your prices are higher than anyone? If u find a nugget how do u sell a whole lot of items before 10000 members see your success and jump on the wagon?

I am new to the whole idea of selling online even and just as new to retail. Is online buying from a market place sort of a cult and the members just sell and buy from the sight just to keep the community going? With no regards to pricing? I do not know one person that orders online if it is in a store. I talked to over 40 personal friends and family. Im not trying to be negative but i can not see anyway to succeed. Please someone show me the light.

I would love to own a site that i could sell items i purchased from a wholesaler.( Ive watched all the videos on Salehoo which were really great and recommend the sale tech to anyone. If your new it will answer any questions u have.) Is it possible to jump into this market witbout ebay or any other market and just use wholesaler on your own site? I have maybe $10000-$15000 to purchase items right away. Not sure if that would even be enough. Any help would be appreciated.

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7 Dec 15 02:07:44 am
Hi Dennis,

I think with a budget of that size, wholesale really isn't an option, but it certainly gives you an advantage as you don't need to kick off with dropshipping. A possible avenue you might want to consider would be liquidation, but it's a market you really need to research heavily before investing in it due to there being plenty of pitfalls that an inexperienced dealer can easily fall in to.

You spoke of second hand, I'm personally a HUGE fan of second hand, especially on large platforms like an eBay. If you can talk a good deal, then I think you could take just a few hundred of your budget and kick off by hitting some quality yard sales (garage sales), as well as some local markets and possibly even some charity type shops as well.

The key to secondhand is knowing your product and being able to talk a good deal. Put those two things into practice and you give yourself an excellent chance of succeeding in this market.

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