Will people go for the cheaper product on eBay?

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7 Nov 09 03:47:07 am
Hi everyone,

It seems everytime I find something great to sell on ebay somebody else is selling it for cheaper than what I can buy it for....in the past I have just not sold that item. Now I'm wondering if maybe I should list it anyway and see what happens. What do you all think? For example, today I listed some Hannah Montana clothing. I then found it on ebay and it was cheaper by around $5. The person selling it was a powerseller, but their ebay shop was poorly constructed and had terrible spelling and grammar. Do you think people will automatically go for the cheaper product, or will a store that is well put together with correct grammar etc attract at least some people?

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8 Nov 09 01:09:40 am
Hi Shane,

This is not uncommon on eBay. Somehow, you will find someone selling the same item you're selling at a cheaper price. This is because 1) wholesalers sell direct to the public through eBay; 2) they get their products for pennies on the dollar through liquidation. With today's economy, yes, people will tend to shop around but note that there will always be those who don't and who prefer to buy from 1) someone they have trusted and bought before and experienced great customer service from; 2) a store that's well constructed, professional and with listings that have great pictures and descriptions.

Take advantage of the traffic that eBay generates and the fact that you can make your listing as attractive as it possibly can. I personally think that the listing itself can tell a lot about what kind of service I am going to get from a seller and yes, based on my experience as a crazy but wise shopper, I shop around to get the best deals but I want my dealings to be as smooth as possible so I avoid sellers that may offer low prices but don't reply to emails, are difficult to talk to, etc.

I have also seen a lot of eBay sellers whose listings always get a lot of bids even if another seller is selling the same item very cheaply. It may take time but soon you will build a 'brand' for yourself on eBay and this will pull buyers towards your store.

So I'd say, go ahead and list it!


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8 Nov 09 03:34:24 am
IF you can still make a profit selling 5$ dollars more than give it a shot.

Yes there are buyers who will shop simply for price and maybe this number is
pretty high. In my opinion 5$ on an under 100$ item is kind of a big price difference as it can be as high as 30% of the items value.

So you will have to add value to the listing such as look and feel and fast shipping.

Make a higher quality listing and use ships fast as an option. If you have the item on hand take a very nice picture instead of relying on a stock picture. This
shows that you have the item on hand. Make sure to note that it is in stock and ready to ship.

You might consider an auction with the starting price at the price you want it to sell at. You might get buyers who are looking for items ending in auction and just decide on yours in the last minute.

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8 Nov 09 03:36:21 am
ALso, if you have more than one on hand, maybe consider listing in each its own
listing so more people have the chance to see it.


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