Will the fees be cheaper if I open an eBay Store?

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6 Dec 09 02:56:01 pm
Hello Everyone.

There are all these horror stories about the changes at eBay and how they turned against the sellers and fee increases and the feedback system and on and on.

I have tried to sell on Bonanzle, Atomic Mall, and currently I have a store on ecrater. I get lots of views but no sales. eBay is the ONLY place I manage to sell anything. When I do sell on eBay it is either break even or at a loss.

If i were to open an eBay store or a ProStore would all the fees be cheaper than just putting up auctions?

Thanks for your help.

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9 Dec 09 09:45:31 am
Hi beachdisney,

eBay store listing fees are way cheaper than regular fees, but the final value fees are a bit higher. ProStores looks to be a better deal for these fees, but there are also payment processing fees to consider. Plus it sounds more complicated to set up.

There's a good comparison here:
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Overall, I think the main drawback to Stores over regular eBay listings is getting traffic to them. Most Store owners maintain at least some auction listings for this reason.

If you choose the Store option, it's going to be really important to work on your listing titles so that they appear in Google when people search for products to buy there, as well as submit your products to shopping sites.

Successful eBay store owners usually get a high proportion of their traffic from Google. Using tools like eBay Sales Reports and Marketplace Research by Terapeak can help a lot with this - and with lots of other aspects to improving your online business.

Hope that helps :)


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18 Dec 09 06:31:18 pm
How in the heck do I post the items that I want to sell from salehoo to ebay???

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19 Dec 09 03:57:58 am
Hi Expresslaneplus,

SaleHoo does not currently provide a listing manager/push to marketplace tool for eBay. Some of our drop shippers may provide this service, however you will need to contact them about this directly.

If I may ask, are you new to eBay or have you been selling there for a while now? Have you also decided on what products you would like to sell? eBay is a very competitive market but if you find a good niche market, then, I would encourage you to sell on eBay.

eBay gets the most traffic among all auction sites which makes it a really good place to sell on. Howevever, in order for you to succeed selling there, you must find products with less competition. Have a look at our blog for more tips and suggested niche markets to explore (Link hidden: Login to view). This forum also offers a wealth of information from the staff and moderators, our Community Manager, Fudjj and members. For more information on eBay selling, you may go to this page: Link hidden: Login to view

I wish you all the best!

Happy holidays!


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