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Will Twitter help boost sales on eBay?

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18 Jan 10 01:58:31 am
Hi everyone,
I hope you had a good time in the Holidays ( I did:) .
Something that was on my mind for a while, If I'll register to Twitter can it boost my sales on eBay ?
Or shall i say it right :
Can Twitter Help you boost sales and traffic to your eBay listings and store ?

Thanks for the help as always :)

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18 Jan 10 04:01:47 am
Hi SGR, I guess the simple answer would be that it most certainly has the potential to boost sales, but of course you have to work out how to get a good following.

It's like the other social networking sites, Myspace, Facebook an such. If you can find the right network of friends, then they can be very good marketing avenues.

The problem is that you have to market your self there as well to generate a solid network of potential customers. If you just create a profile and ignore it, chances are it wouldn't do you any good at all.

Mark (fudjj)

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18 Jan 10 05:56:25 am
Hi srg4679,

Yup! I'd have to agree with fudjj. You still have to get your hands dirty and not just sit there and wait for dollar signs to start popping up.

When you use social networking sites such as twitter you are making yourself (as well as your products) visible to virtually everyone online. eBay has a lot of traffic but not everybody goes to eBay so by using social networking sites you gain exposure. How well you tend your twitter/facebook/myspace accounts will also reflect how well you are as a seller especially in terms of customer service.

Here's a recent post about the benefits of using social networking sites, please have a read:

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Cheers :)


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21 Jan 10 09:47:40 am
Thank you :)

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21 Jan 10 11:02:30 am
I have had a lot of success with Twitter selling on eBay, my online store, and getting traffic to some of my other websites. It definitely works!


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