Working with Ebays new Policies.

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27 Mar 08 06:42:55 am
Everyone who's discovered the ebay slap, are all down and going, 'what do I do?' :(

The plain truth is, work with it, as I have been testing the market for the past 6 months and I have found if you advertise on the classified ads, I saved money because there is a 'hidden' way not to pay any Final Value Fees, so ebay, has shot themselves in the foot, they WILL lose revenue. :twisted:

What I mean, is that I used to sell on ebay and my auction fees every month were between

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27 Mar 08 09:24:54 am
Things will get better, Im not happy about the changes. But That does not mean I will leave ebay. Thousands will be out of business. And thousands more will leave. But in the end there will be alot less spam on ebay and More then likely you will get higher prices for your items. So many are moving away, thinking that they can make it somewhere else.

But there is a great point to the above post. You cant just rely on ebay. I learned this. Ive sold so many items on other venues for more then they were selling for on ebay. And I have sold over $100,000 worth of retail products on ebay in the last 6 months. Right now most of my higher priced items are not even close to being listed on ebay.

Craigslist , classifieds, amazon and many other places are great places to sell the same stuff and you can generally get more money. Every buyer goes to ebay for deals. The other sites buyer goto get products plain and simple and they want to do a quality transaction. With all the crap that goes on in ebays market you will get more serious buyers elsewhere.

Also create your own site. It generally does not take alot to create a website. You may have to do a little homework. But in the long run you can make better money using your own websites then ebay. And dont use just one website. Create several. This way you bring more attention to your products. Use ebay as a way to promote your site. Send flyer's to all of your buyers promoting your own website.

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3 May 08 12:48:24 am
Well unlike you good sir, I do not use eBay.

In fact they aren't my selling point at all.

I own my own store which is a full running business.

Basically the only thing that I do, is run items from my store through a local eBay listing or Craiglist etc, I hardly ever pay a dime.

No more than $5, $3 etc. I never pay this ridiculous amount of money of $1500 to sell out all my store items.

And do you know why? I've learned to be self-reliant, I generate traffic for myself by the thousands. I can't tell how to everyone, but I do it all the time and I proudly do it on autopilot. And I basically go to sleep, take orders, do it again and move on to the next one.

Only beware always of scammers, if they're from another country be positive that Paypal/Googlepay has verified their address. I never ship anywhere overseas, EVER, at any time unless its double checked.

Sold to Hungary, the U.K., to Russia, to Canada, Netherlands, and China so I know my way around the channel. And its rough but I just nod and deal with it, the traffic always comes. That's easy.


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