Would you start from "0" all over again?

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8 Nov 10 11:59:30 pm
This is a question for all seassoned seller.

Would you start from "0" all over again? How would you do it?

Let's said you look back to the long road you have already traveled and with the experience you have now, what would you do if for some reason you are back to where you started.

Would you use Salehoo? Yes, No?
Would you sell on Ebay? (it's oversaturadated and lot of fees)
terapeak is a must have tool?
Would you start with liquidations or wholesale?
What steps will jumpstart your re-seller career again?
Did you regret get into this kind of business?

These are just some question to pick your brains.

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9 Nov 10 04:49:18 am
I would start selling on eBay again only if I found a really good niche product in high demand and low supply. No way would I try to compete with thousands of other sellers in a saturated market. There is still profit to be made if you present and sell your items professionally, but eBay buyers (myself included) are not willing to pay premium prices for merchandise they can get at a bargain price with a little patience and know-how. Everybody expects to get bargains on eBay now. The halcyon days of dollar reserve auctions that go sky high are sadly over for ever.

I'd now rather buy bargains on eBay and sell them elsewhere for a good profit. Easy if you know what to look for.

I've never found a product on salehoo that I could make a good profit from but the community help has been worth the investment.

Liquidation is more profitable than wholesale. Physical auction houses are a good place to find liquidated merchandise - especially a few weeks after some disaster - like a hail storm or a flood. (It's an ill wind that blows nobody any good).

I would not even consider drop-shipping anything I could find easily on the internet. Everybody else and his wife is trying to do that so there is no profit to be had and it's fraught with problems if you encounter the dreaded back order.

The thing that would jumpstart my eBay selling again would be if I found something that was too good to be true - but was true. (Unlikely).

I don't regret getting into online selling. I'd rather gouge out my eye with a spoon than go back to working for a boss.

Difficult I can do right away. Impossible takes a little longer

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9 Nov 10 06:04:57 pm
Hi userexists

First of all thanks for responding to my post.
Your comments are very useful to me.

Ebay is good for buyers, and scammers. And yet it is a good homebased business form to test your habilities as a seller, marketer, business owner and more. I believed that the best way for a person to stay in business is to sell in different avenues and not trust all your income from Ebay.

I sold some test items on Amazon and the quality of customers on Amazon are way different than Ebay. I believed that if you have some high price and good quality items to sell you should try Amazon first. I have never tested swapmeets and parks family events but that is next on my list of things I want to try.

Drop-shipping seem that are nothing more than trouble, so I will stay away until I research and prove the opposite is true.

Salehoo is good but looking from outside before jumping in. gave me the impression that there was more. So I was having higher expectation.

I went personally to a liquidator warehouse (not listed on Salehoo recommended list but mentioned by people in the forum) last week and I found that this place have a very good potentials to pick profitable items in electronic, brand name cloth and cosmetic. I did not buy anything but I will comeback for an auction this coming week.


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