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31 Jan 07 08:54:41 pm
I am absolutley done with Ebay and Paypal. Wont get into it in this message, but I need advice for those who can offer it.

What do you think of Yahoo Stores?

Just want to know if anyone has had success with them. I am not looking to genertae Mega bucks, nor have it as a sole means of income, just looking to sell about $1000 a month.

Any and all comments ad suggestions Appreciated! :-)


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1 Feb 07 02:12:55 am
Yahoo stores are good especially if you have alot of products to sell. I know of many successes with yahoo stores but I have yet to try it out myself.

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3 Feb 07 03:36:03 pm
I agree with you regrading ebay, it has been a drain for me, even though I have sold some stuff, most of the time it has cost me more than it is worth. It just seems that the powersellers are the one that have the money to sell on ebay. I have been a member since 1999 and in all this time it has cost more than it's worth. I'm still hanging in there but have cut back a lot...I like U-bid, I recently had (10)17' monitors on u-bid and sold them all in just one listing. And made a profit....I had the same monitor on ebay and listed the item serveral time and received only questions .

So in my opinon ebay sucks.

John (bacpro)

J Baca


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