AAA Closeout Liquidators - What kind of apparel will I get?

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3 Jan 09 08:41:18 pm
Hi All!
I'm planning to open an apparel store and sell just v.good brands there, IS AAA Closeout Liquidators a good to order that kind of merchandise?
I'm asking cause i dont know what i'm going to get and if im gonna be able to sell it..?



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3 Jan 09 10:51:16 pm
Hi M

First thing you need to make sure of with liquidated stock is that you are dealing with the tender holder, not a broker.

Most liquidation tender holders will not supply in small lots, however some do. Jimmy of course from ppwdg, and another out of Cali is viatrading.

Buying the tender holder assures you of getting the right price, the best price, and of course you more you buy from these guys the better that price per unit gets.

What you will find is some of these companies will not give you a choice as to what type of stock you can purchase, especially if you are buying buy the truck load, so you will be getting clothing from across the board.

Overstocks, shelf pulls, customer returns, salvage (damaged) and so on. The percentages vary between companies, but some companies do specialize in cleaner loads, but at a higher price of course.

It's an industry that you can make money in over time, but should never be seen as a quick money making venture as loads can differ quite a lot in margin.

I look at liquidation as a blue chip investment, you can make money over time if you put the right procedures in place. Sure, a good load can make you seriously good money on a short time investment also, but you risk a lot if you have everything riding on it.

Mark (fudjj)

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12 Jan 09 07:37:50 pm
AAA Closeout Liquidators are in the Salehoo directory. Here is their link...

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They have been rated with 4 stars and have been given a great rating. Here it is...

Reviewed on: 2007-02-09
Rating: 4 stars

We sent an email and contacted the supplier directly. Both forms of contact worked well.

- The Company mainly deals with closeout merchandise. The items can be new, shelf pulls, or returns.
- Can order via telephone or email.
- Site does have a customer review section
- Company started in 1979, based out of New York
- Items usually ship within 48 hours of payment
- All sales are final . No return policy to know what you are buying first.
- Company will ship internationally at the buyers expense
- Company will drop ship orders

Opinion: If you have the larger amount of cash I would recommend using this company. The company has several key suppliers and the brand names are worth it in most cases. The types of items vary and you have to read the descriptions clearly. Feel free to ask them for a manifest and additional information.

There has also been some discussion about AAA Closeout Liquidators in the Salehoo forum. Here is a link to a related post...

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Hope this helps :)

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