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19 Jul 12 12:51:00 am
Been doing some research on ebay for dropshipping, and accessbuy keep popping up selling items at dirt cheap prices (lower then cost price from supplier for dropshipping). turns out they have there own site and offer dropshipping. A bit unfair because they undersell dropshippers buy selling their products on ebay at uncompetitive prices.

Anyone have experience with them?

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19 Jul 12 03:26:25 am
Hi d3vour3r,

Link hidden: Login to view is based in China and has been online just last year, June of 2011. Our policy is to only accept sites that have been existing for more than 2 years online, as we feel new sites pose too greater risk to our members.

Most electronics sell at the wholesale price or below wholesale on eBay. That's how intense the competition is. Most of the sellers at eBay are wholesale suppliers themselves, or have sourced them from liquidation.

If you do wish to stick with the electronics industry, then here is what we suggest:

* Use liquidation suppliers to get bulk lots at prices well below wholesale.
* OR: Purchase from wholesalers in very large quantities (and when we say very large, we mean a spend of $200,000 or more) - this is how the big eBay powersellers do it.
* Increase your feedback and get powerseller status BEFORE entering the electronics market. This will give you more visibility in the search.
* Sell via your own website or your eBay store if possible, as buyers generally pay more from these venues than eBay.
* Add third-party extras and up-sells to your orders. These will help you bump up your margins to a much more acceptable level.
* Better still - consider selling accessories for electronics rather than electronics themselves. Accessories are very popular, have less competition, cost less to ship and have much greater margins.

Hope this helps. :)



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