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17 Jun 07 08:57:08 pm
Anyone had any luck with this? I probably got burned on this auctionsforincom package.. that's what I get for watching late night infomercials. I ordered the package because I was told they has all this 'secret' information to wholesalers and dropshippers. The '#1' dropshipper they recomend is Link hidden: Login to view. I have no idea how the heck anyone is supposed to make money on anything these peope offer. Unless I am not seeing something.

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18 Jun 07 03:05:29 am
The only thing I can tell you is never buy informercial packages. The real estate ones have great infor but the get rich quick schemes are a joke.

The problem is yes they had some make tons of money but as soon as they released an infomercial they sold the info to hundreds of thousands of people looking for that fast buck. They tell you you can sell them on ebay so you end up with 75,000 people selling the exact same items on ebay. Decreasing the value of the items to literally nothing.

The only people that are getting rich from infomercials are the people that made those programs.

I have personally bought at least 50 packages from infomercials and online schemes only to find myself our $29.99 - $140 bucks on info I already knew about. Or that required me to purchase hundreds more on books for more info.

Infomercials generate billions per year selling stuff that just doesnt work. Only about 13% percent of people that buy into these actually make any money.

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