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15 Jan 07 06:52:38 pm
Hi. I was just wondering if any body has ever heard of as they sent me an email wondering if I was interested in a wholsale oportunity. but I went to the site and it doesnt work very good it wouldnt let me register and stuff. so I emailed the guy and he said I could buy diectly from him. I dont know if I should trust him or not. I dont wanna kiss my money good bye without some feedback about him first. Thanks.

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17 Jan 07 09:28:54 pm
If the website is slow and not easy
to naviagte, its a good sign that
its not a ligit business. Thats my
opinion. Also when they have a
hot mail email address or any free
email service, I would not trust them.

Also Url's with numbers is not a good sign.



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