anybody heard of

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11 Aug 07 08:46:33 pm
i found this website searching for elecrtonics.
Has anybodt delt with them. My main concern is are they ligit.

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12 Aug 07 04:59:24 pm
I wouldnt try them.

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13 Aug 07 12:16:03 am
Why not? Why wouldnt you try?

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13 Aug 07 08:55:18 am
Well for starters they state they have been in operation since 2003. So why is the website brand new to this year.

And just out of curiosity why in the heck do they have a AAA motor club logo at the bottom of thier screen. either they are stupid beyond all reason or they believe that AAA is a trust company.

None of thier trust logos go anywhere. Most of these sites would have links direct to thier sites.

Also there are way too many brand names on this site.


If I have to ask myself why more then 3 times when looking at a site then I would just avoid it.

Also when searching on google for this site. Only 1 reference comes up. Meaning its not even established on the web yet. Another reason to consider it a scam.

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15 Aug 07 06:06:23 pm
I wouldn't trust them. I recently got into - it was a mistake. They are so unorganized that I had to kicked my site and absorbed the loss. They're the same company. Don't jump into those kind of companies because you're working for their profit and nothing left for you. BTW, anybody knows of any good - ligit dropshipper/wholesaler out there.


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17 Aug 07 04:09:13 am
have anyone heard of a company called , they sell dvd , if you have could you let me no if they are a good company are not.

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18 Aug 07 05:11:43 pm
Try to look at This sight will list the site as a fraud or you can pose the question about the website to the experts. Great website saved me many times'


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